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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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lamel's Lab

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  • Joined at 8:28 am, 11/10/2021
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On the entrance of this lab sticks a note: "Want a special Muska? Ask the stuff, maybe we can breed it for You!" When You step in, You recognize many paperstacks between big cages where the hatchlings are in. All pets are cataloged in lists, pedigrees and possible future-matings are noted. There is a steady noise level of all different pets and many of the adults move free everywhere, so be careful, not to stumple over one of them. You recognize a open door to the garden, where some of the pets lay in the sun. All pets seem very relaxed and trustful, and some follow You, to get a treat.

Creature: Lw96m P0-W-AaBBCc -Lowema
Creature: w5YdB P0-W-AaBBCc - Wydiba
Creature: tpUvZ P0-W-AaBBCc - Uveza
Creature: urWha P0-W-AaBBCc - Urwha
Creature: ITuRd P0-W-AaBBCc - Trudi
Creature: 6eqGs P0-W-AaBBCc - Rosinante
Creature: nUGqh P0-W-AaBBCc - Nugat
Creature: 9IceH P0-M-AaBBCc - Sprinkles-on-Ice
Creature: o1qzN P0-M-AaBBCc - Rosenquarz
Creature: KFoCy P0-M-AaBBCc - Focy
Creature: XkNSS P0-M-AaBBCc - Cloud-Dancer
Creature: VMv4p F3-M-AaBBCc - Roos
Creature: vjNEW F3-M-AaBBCc - News
Creature: 2R3E7 F2-W-AaBBCc - Revina
Creature: 49hXJ F2-W-AaBBCc - Diamantmaehne
Creature: wSy65 F2-M-AaBBCc - Wassily
Creature: B2HIP F2-M-AaBBCc - Snowdancer
Creature: holRl F2-M-AaBBCc - Horsel
Creature: 7jzYl F1-W-AaBBCc - Rosa
Creature: LEtVj F1-W-AaBBCc - Letivaja
Creature: iLet5 F1-W-AaBBCc - Let-it-be
Creature: d0bDB F1-W-AaBBCc - Lavender
Creature: xDksj F1-W-AaBBCc - Drakonia
Creature: BzaL3 F1-W-AaBBCc - Bazala
Creature: S4e0i F1-M-AaBBCc - Saeoi
Creature: 9G17x F1-M-AaBBCc - Roswell
Creature: psO4A F1-M-AaBBCc - Perseus
Creature: yEisA F1-M-AaBBCc - Lyeisanto
Creature: aopGG F1-M-AaBBCc - Apologize
Creature: fLWfM fLWfM
Creature: Pc7rd Pc7rd
Creature: dZMwj dZMwj
Creature: KRE0k KRE0k
Creature: QCV4G QCV4G
Creature: RPZWl RPZWl
Creature: tHwVE tHwVE