Our Art Policy - The Final Outpost
The Final Outpost

Our Art Policy

The Final Outpost features both original art and original writing in a variety of forms. All copyrights for art and writing are retained solely by the respective artists and writers and used with permission by The Final Outpost. The following are TFO’s policies on limited art usage permissions for fan-based projects.


All fan-made art or writing must be family friendly regardless of where it is posted. Please link back and credit TFO if sharing off-site.
  • General edits (cropping, resizing, etc.)
  • Part Isolation (such as for a genetic prediction tool)
  • Splicing parts
  • Recolors
  • Fan art
  • Noncommercial off-site use for fan sites
  • TFO-themed minigames
  • Forum-based fanfic
  • Off-site fanfic
  • Interactive fanfic (such as unofficial quests)

Not Allowed

  • Commercial use in any form
  • Edits made in context of updating site art. Updates aren't likely to happen because of how the site generates art.