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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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lamel's Lab

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  • Joined at 8:28 am, 11/10/2021
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On the entrance of this lab sticks a note: "Want a special Muska? Ask the stuff, maybe we can breed it for You!" When You step in, You recognize many paperstacks between big cages where the hatchlings are in. All pets are cataloged in lists, pedigrees and possible future-matings are noted. There is a steady noise level of all different pets and many of the adults move free everywhere, so be careful, not to stumple over one of them. You recognize a open door to the garden, where some of the pets lay in the sun. All pets seem very relaxed and trustful, and some follow You, to get a treat.

Creature: teI81 P0-W-aaBbCc - The-longest-Night
Creature: 6StoD P0-W-aaBbCc - Stodia
Creature: ysvPy P0-W-aaBbCc - Pylonia
Creature: 4PLS9 P0-W-aaBbCc - Pilesia
Creature: fAsWt P0-W-aaBbCc - Noir
Creature: VeGTn P0-W-aaBbCc - Nightshadow
Creature: iqznU P0-W-aaBbCc - Koehlerin
Creature: JBs0y P0-W-aaBbCc - Jabsoy
Creature: C5NJJ P0-W-aaBbCc - Coppernight
Creature: chfdw P0-W-aaBbCc - Chefin
Creature: zwPcz P0-M-aaBbCc - Zwarz
Creature: sdy5g P0-M-aaBbCc - Varnish
Creature: udIvc P0-M-aaBbCc - Unteroffizier
Creature: 1Y2jd P0-M-aaBbCc - Oreo
Creature: jzb8U P0-M-aaBbCc - Obscurite
Creature: iLnn0 P0-M-aaBbCc - Linno
Creature: k0Qa8 P0-M-aaBbCc - King Blackbeard
Creature: lfdBM P0-M-aaBbCc - Darkside-Unicorn
Creature: twTtT F3-W-aaBbCc - Twitter
Creature: O7p34 F3-W-aaBbCc - Ophelia
Creature: C04t4 F3-W-aaBbCc - Cantata
Creature: XIX9R F2-W-aaBbCc - Xixi
Creature: yHKR8 F2-W-aaBbCc - Mitternacht
Creature: bUSIW F2-W-aaBbCc - Blondie
Creature: RWLfo F2-M-aaBbCc - Raffle
Creature: 7juis F2-M-aaBbCc - Juis
Creature: E3265 F2-M-aaBbCc - Demons-Devil
Creature: WITzU F1-W-aaBbCc - Witzu
Creature: hexVS F1-W-aaBbCc - Vienna
Creature: 6WktF F1-W-aaBbCc - Shadow
Creature: n8MO0 F1-W-aaBbCc - Nemoa
Creature: gc7Ww F1-W-aaBbCc - Midnight-Runner
Creature: qlufu F1-W-aaBbCc - Lufua
Creature: EkWGY F1-W-aaBbCc - Coppernight II
Creature: 4fvPO F1-M-aaBbCc - Unicorn-Hunter
Creature: CeeIT F1-M-aaBbCc - The-deepest-Night
Creature: dNgBM F1-M-aaBbCc - Stripes-in-the-Night
Creature: pKVuf F1-M-aaBbCc - Samtfell
Creature: abhaP F1-M-aaBbCc - Kleiner-Donner
Creature: 11zA3 F1-M-aaBbCc - Jus-de-Pomme
Creature: BYpvh F1-M-aaBbCc - Bukephalos
Creature: 1SU1c 1SU1c
Creature: 9fvgu 9fvgu
Creature: A1rCv A1rCv
Creature: cv1F4 cv1F4
Creature: ghswa ghswa
Creature: 1NTjg 1NTjg
Creature: 2Pdlh 2Pdlh
Creature: 3hRL9 3hRL9
Creature: D7zwD D7zwD