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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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lamel's Lab

  • lamel has 4161 creatures
  • Joined at 8:28 am, 11/10/2021
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On the entrance of this lab sticks a note: "Want a special Muska? Ask the stuff, maybe we can breed it for You!" When You step in, You recognize many paperstacks between big cages where the hatchlings are in. All pets are cataloged in lists, pedigrees and possible future-matings are noted. There is a steady noise level of all different pets and many of the adults move free everywhere, so be careful, not to stumple over one of them. You recognize a open door to the garden, where some of the pets lay in the sun. All pets seem very relaxed and trustful, and some follow You, to get a treat.

Creature: xwuPE Solstico P0
Creature: YDgLd P0-W-AaBb - Ydella
Creature: XoANU P0-W-Aabb - Xoanu
Creature: ViJA7 P0-W-AABb - Vija
Creature: uGN9V P0-W-Aabb - Ugenova
Creature: DRzGz P0-W-AaBb - Tania
Creature: gnc2b P0-W-AABb - Solsticia
Creature: sKlBt P0-W-AABB - Skibita
Creature: fAZHW P0-W-aaBb - Schneefell
Creature: CfXwm P0-W-AABb - Schattenhoernchen
Creature: RQaxU P0-W-aaBb - Raxua
Creature: Gq3pX P0-W-aaBb - Pitear
Creature: MXPGy P0-W-AaBb - Peggy
Creature: zRiga P0-W-AABb - Out-of-the-Dark
Creature: 0n3aZ P0-W-aaBb - Onazia
Creature: 64bOh P0-W-aaBb - Muddy-Snow
Creature: XYtLh P0-W-AaBb - Lilly
Creature: I4Xq7 P0-W-AaBb - Ilona
Creature: 4YTI1 P0-W-AaBb - Green-Tips
Creature: wX44S P0-W-AABb - Creme-Tipps
Creature: h1Jgn P0-W-aaBB - Classica
Creature: EaEfr P0-W-AABB - Christmas-Wings
Creature: bWuym P0-W-AABb - Buy-Me
Creature: pwp56 P0-W-aaBB - Bunthoernchen
Creature: jL132 P0-W-Aabb - Bloody-Tips
Creature: O1zsV P0-W-Aabb - Albi-Girl
Creature: yFodm P0-M-AaBb - Yfodem
Creature: uhwlG P0-M-Aabb - Wuhlego
Creature: enNWA P0-M-AaBB - White-Wings
Creature: a2XFy P0-M-aaBb - Tar-and-Snow
Creature: RwEMQ P0-M-aaBb - Remo
Creature: Tmexe P0-M-Aabb - Red-Eyed
Creature: HZChj P0-M-aaBB - Red-Back
Creature: SEPqg P0-M-AABB - Nuit
Creature: 1TOBX P0-M-AABb - Nachthoernchen
Creature: YC22p P0-M-AaBB - Mossy
Creature: K2Y1I P0-M-AaBb - Kyle
Creature: jugXM P0-M-AABb - Judge-Me
Creature: vsJNj P0-M-AaBb - Jonni
Creature: inNUg P0-M-AaBb - Innu
Creature: lTgNQ P0-M-Aabb - Ignaz
Creature: xHK8g P0-M-aaBB - Hako
Creature: mLqoS P0-M-aaBb - Gray-and-White
Creature: GNtb9 P0-M-aabb - Gentebo
Creature: nCaGz P0-M-Aabb - Fourrure-Blanche
Creature: FIBVd P0-M-aaBb - Fibsi
Creature: NL3Wn P0-M-AaBb - Croissant
Creature: sQdFI P0-M-AABB - Corendire
Creature: CXWo4 P0-M-AABb - Cexowo
Creature: OLcoU F3-W-aaBb - Olcou