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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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lamel's Lab

  • lamel has 4161 creatures
  • Joined at 8:28 am, 11/10/2021
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On the entrance of this lab sticks a note: "Want a special Muska? Ask the stuff, maybe we can breed it for You!" When You step in, You recognize many paperstacks between big cages where the hatchlings are in. All pets are cataloged in lists, pedigrees and possible future-matings are noted. There is a steady noise level of all different pets and many of the adults move free everywhere, so be careful, not to stumple over one of them. You recognize a open door to the garden, where some of the pets lay in the sun. All pets seem very relaxed and trustful, and some follow You, to get a treat.

Creature: VKUWN P0-W-AAbbcc-AA-aa-aa - Vulpina-Rosso
Creature: T6WoE P0-W-AABBCc-aa-AA-AA - Tawo
Creature: EaaHI P0-W-AABbCC-AA-Aa-AA - Ella
Creature: CmEQ1 P0-W-AaBBcc-AA-Aa-Aa - Blue-Cemeji
Creature: avH1c P0-W-AABBCc-Aa-AA-AA - Avahico
Creature: f8M5y P0-M-aabbCC-AA-Aa-AA - Vulpino-Verde
Creature: us8Ug P0-M-aaBBCc-Aa-aa-aa - Usus
Creature: 7sbv2 P0-M-aabbCc-Aa-Aa-Aa - Sabevo
Creature: mkGuj P0-M-aabbCC-AA-AA-aa - Mac-Guy
Creature: 0FaEM P0-M-AABbCC-aa-aa-AA - Faemo
Creature: 6bhWx P0-M-AAbbCC-AA-AA-Aa - Berno
Creature: rFBnU F1-M-AabbCc-AA-Aa-aa - Pure-Blue
Creature: Kj1x4 F1-M-aabbCc-AA-AA-Aa - Kajo
Creature: 3DL50 3DL50
Creature: J7yQZ J7yQZ
Creature: NxzAF NxzAF
Creature: Xwzn4 Xwzn4
Creature: AxqAO AxqAO
Creature: b0Oa2 b0Oa2
Creature: oSPTg oSPTg
Creature: V6BeN V6BeN