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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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lamel's Lab

  • lamel has 3966 creatures
  • Joined at 8:28 am, 11/10/2021
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On the entrance of this lab sticks a note: "Want a special Muska? Ask the stuff, maybe we can breed it for You!" When You step in, You recognize many paperstacks between big cages where the hatchlings are in. All pets are cataloged in lists, pedigrees and possible future-matings are noted. There is a steady noise level of all different pets and many of the adults move free everywhere, so be careful, not to stumple over one of them. You recognize a open door to the garden, where some of the pets lay in the sun. All pets seem very relaxed and trustful, and some follow You, to get a treat.

Creature: zAXrw P0-W-AaBB - Zaxerwa
Creature: y081y P0-W-AaBB - Yojy
Creature: aaMCk P0-W-Aabb - Woelkchen
Creature: vbWxz P0-W-AaBb - Wisteria
Creature: 9QWpK P0-W-Aabb - Walpurgia
Creature: ZTYdb P0-W-AaBB - Waldmeisterin
Creature: Tsr6p P0-W-AABB - Tesla
Creature: TBy1N P0-W-AaBB - Tebynia
Creature: tATKM P0-W-AaBb - Tatikim
Creature: G6N2I P0-W-aaBB - Sunrise
Creature: sqLWz P0-W-AaBB - Selweza
Creature: QvNDk P0-W-aaBb - Rouge
Creature: kxLwE P0-W-AABB - Red-Wing
Creature: fSoaD P0-W-aabb - Pastellia
Creature: oxyjt P0-W-aaBb - Oxy
Creature: 7OWIJ P0-W-aaBb - Owiji
Creature: OSdur P0-W-aaBb - Osiduria
Creature: 0SxhB P0-W-AABb - Oshiba
Creature: OnbLB P0-W-aabb - Onbela
Creature: 5XhLa P0-W-AABb - Olivia
Creature: myfIa P0-W-AaBb - Myfla
Creature: gbKfr P0-W-aaBB - Menekse
Creature: 8ZtYP P0-W-AABB - Lederbraut
Creature: 2LWII P0-W-Aabb - Lawinia
Creature: 4KtB2 P0-W-Aabb - Kiteba
Creature: KLMOp P0-W-AaBb - Kilemopa
Creature: Ju6TY P0-W-AaBb - Juty
Creature: Jl6J5 P0-W-aabb - Jiji
Creature: HZvYA P0-W-Aabb - Hyazinthia
Creature: S0bmq P0-W-AaBB - Goldhals
Creature: wElbo P0-W-AABb - Flora
Creature: rFas5 P0-W-AABB - Fasa
Creature: 24jCY P0-W-aaBb - Cyntia
Creature: aCGk3 P0-W-AAbb - Celina
Creature: cClTf P0-W-AaBB - Cecilia
Creature: UBu1L P0-W-AaBb - Buila
Creature: bnWOd P0-W-AaBB - Bollywood
Creature: Z9kJ3 P0-M-AaBB - Zakejo
Creature: brKdw P0-M-aaBB - White-Neck
Creature: McSq5 P0-M-aaBB - Vio-Wing
Creature: 7UDnp P0-M-aaBb - Udenpo
Creature: twX7W P0-M-AABb - Twix
Creature: tSZe3 P0-M-AaBb - Teszeo
Creature: i90NJ P0-M-AABb - Row
Creature: u3XYh P0-M-AaBB - Red-Neck
Creature: 9pBR9 P0-M-AaBb - Pibero
Creature: xOzSI P0-M-AABB - Ozzy
Creature: stPjS P0-M-Aabb - Maigloeckchen
Creature: KDtCU P0-M-AAbb - Kadecu
Creature: HROG7 P0-M-Aabb - Hirogine