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Нет войне (No to War)

What is unfolding in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster. From the beginning, we at The Final Outpost have realised that we have a responsibility to respond to global events.

The Final Outpost will be donating the complete ad revenue and patreon/paypal income for March to charities working in the region. Corteo has additionally been donating his free time to assisting refugee rehousing in Germany and arranging safe transportation from the border. Because of this effort, new features may be delayed.

If you are in a position to help financially, we encourage you to research and find trusted charities who are working in Ukraine. If you live in Europe, consider sending practical help like food or clothing to those crossing the border. Speak up where you can to what is happening.

Here are a few charities we have found. The Final Outpost is not affiliated with them in anyway.