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Every user is limited with how many capsules they can raise at a time. Juveniles and adults have no limits.
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Collecting Creatures

You can collect creatures in their initial stage, called capsules, from the home page or through quests. You can also find creatures that others have decided not to keep in the shelter. Additionally, creatures are available through trading and breeding offspring.

Caring for Creatures

Creatures grow up automatically based on their age. They do not require clicks to grow. Each creature has three manipulatable characteristics: happiness, hardiness, and appearance. The three characteristics are important for breeding and offspring. The better the stats the better your creatures will breed and the healthier the offspring will be.

Every creature grows up slightly differently. Juveniles will emerge from their capsules normally between 1.5 and 2.5 days. They will grow up roughly between 1.5 and 2.5 days after that. Creatures with higher levels of views might grow up faster.

Stats reference
HappinessInfluenced by you or others viewing the creature. Continues after maturity.
HardinessInfluenced by you or others viewing the creature. Only influenceable until maturity.
AppearanceInfluenced by the brush item in the store, which is usable on juveniles and adults.


A single species can take on a number of colors and patterns. The game uses a genetic engine to determine the appearance of every creature. You can breed your creatures to achieve a desired offspring, or simply trade for it!


Capsules, juveniles, and adults are all tradable. Please keep in mind that while a name will stay on the creature, creature notes and tags do not. There are three types of trading:
  • Direct Trading – Done through the Trading tab, direct trading allows for two-way trades between you and another scientist. Direct trading requires the creature being traded to be in the Default tab. A direct trade must be confirmed by both scientists.
  • Market – Done through the Market tab, the market allows anyone to post a trade for offers. The Market allows for the selection of any creature from any tab. Any scientist can offer on a trade, and the trader may pick the offer they prefer. Once an offer is accepted, both scientists must confirm the trade in the Trading tab.
  • Gifting – Done through a creature’s action page, gifting creates a one-way trade link that doesn’t require confirmation. For this reason, be careful when sharing gifting links.

Earning gold

There are currently five ways you can earn gold in TFO:
  • Adopt creatures from the home page – passive income from adopting a creature
  • Breed creatures – passive income from collecting viable capsules when breeding
  • Others clicking your creatures – passive income from people directly clicking your creatures on non-click site sources such as a social media post (this has a daily cap)
  • Clicking creatures – active income that activates each day after a variable number of clicks and then has a chance to drop with each click (this has a daily cap)
  • Trading – active income where another scientist sends you an amount of gold, such as in exchange for a creature


You are able to stunt your capsules and juveniles in order to stop them from maturing. This action isn't reversible and can be located from the creature's action page. This action is only available after cooldown.


You can breed together two creatures from the same species. Cross-species breeding isn't currently implemented. Successful breeding is based off a base rate for the creature and the individual stats of the creature. To breed a creature, you can choose a mate on the action page. Once you select a mate, you will be able to check if they have successfully produced offspring on the breeding page. Breeding can rarely produce multiple capsules.


There are currently a few items available for you to use in the store. You can use the items you've bought from your inventory page.
BrushInfluences the appearance stat. Usable on juveniles and adults.
Influence Male/FemaleInfluences the gender of your creature. Only usable on capsules.
Click MultiplierMultiply the worth of the clicks the creature receives within a 12-hour window. Usable on capsules and juveniles.
Capsule SequencerObserve the genetics of your creature while it is still in the capsule phase.
Growth SerumMake a creature grow faster. Only usable on capsules.

Art usage

You can view our art policy here