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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Sketch's Lab

  • Sketch has 4574 creatures
  • Joined at 6:11 pm, 14/03/2021
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It's quite the expedition out to visit Sketch's lab, and for good reason. The long road takes your ECV through a vast silver gate that opens upon your approach, and when you see the herds of girafos, cervids, and safido grazing together with saltanta lounging close by, you realize what the scientist has done : she's created a protected reserve for the life she studies. Her lab is no less remarkable than the work she's done outside, and you're given a quick tour accompanied by her loyal saltanta Abaddon at your side. It seems all of her creatures are vitally chipped, named, and well-loved.

Creature: 18Bej 18Bej
Creature: AoGiu AoGiu
Creature: cFjwg cFjwg
Creature: WsiF1 WsiF1
Creature: MyTrU MyTrU
Creature: fyQKd Madam Reflection
Creature: 428w0 Madam Bestfren
Creature: pyANf Syr Pyons
Creature: Cyn2Z Ser Cynical
Creature: PDjU4 PDjU4
Creature: bPkLv Madam Voidbender
Creature: nHxn4 nHxn4
Creature: HUIq3 Ser Hystariel
Creature: lzJ8N Ser Quasar
Creature: aBjai Ser Cirion
Creature: Muozv Madam Mistique