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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Sketch's Lab

  • Sketch has 4574 creatures
  • Joined at 6:11 pm, 14/03/2021
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It's quite the expedition out to visit Sketch's lab, and for good reason. The long road takes your ECV through a vast silver gate that opens upon your approach, and when you see the herds of girafos, cervids, and safido grazing together with saltanta lounging close by, you realize what the scientist has done : she's created a protected reserve for the life she studies. Her lab is no less remarkable than the work she's done outside, and you're given a quick tour accompanied by her loyal saltanta Abaddon at your side. It seems all of her creatures are vitally chipped, named, and well-loved.

Creature: xAysD Drown Your Sorrows In Song
Creature: MhogX Forgive Your Soul
Creature: iup2Z Angelfish
Creature: GdcyN Ser Distortion
Creature: SzYZT Ser Paranoia
Creature: 5HWyD Madam Astonish
Creature: ggd70 Madam Gurgle
Creature: bFUaQ Madam Mercy
Creature: mXhLD Sar Sentence
Creature: S564A Sar Division
Creature: TT5vJ Ser Demand
Creature: iEJQ3 Madam Mirror
Creature: n02ER Madam Marmalade
Creature: g5t4G Syr Gunther
Creature: tUFFe Syr Tuff
Creature: Fb4vk Sar Deadeye
Creature: bwMCz Ser Devotion
Creature: PuXGq Ser Purpose
Creature: vmZgl Ser Sharpshot
Creature: rGScr Ser Sparkle
Creature: 4tyDH Ser Dystopia
Creature: O1o9G Ser Modesto
Creature: Yyo6U Ser Verge
Creature: Wv3AL Madam Demotion
Creature: BAYFO Madam Bae
Creature: mAGU7 Syr Impatience
Creature: R9DaC Syr Sunshine
Creature: Yioho Sar Plunder
Creature: wm7BI Sar Utopia
Creature: Y4jMx Madam Alexandria
Creature: SociK Madam Sonnie
Creature: IbmNW Master Goldfall
Creature: 1mTon 1mTon
Creature: 7FBWJ Ser Exotic
Creature: bq3aH Ser Bathefire
Creature: EDpAG Ser Phinneas
Creature: YU12F Ser Lunarus
Creature: Q6RKf Madam Gruel
Creature: gmOPP Ser Mopp
Creature: 3H0NQ Ser Bartholomew XV
Creature: StZgI Sar Stygia
Creature: S0DCr Ser Sardar
Creature: T8d97 Ser Seige
Creature: qhDF7 Madam Saturn
Creature: zsoPp Ser Sopp
Creature: Y3LBL Madam Scarlet
Creature: 1iPj2 Syr Acid
Creature: j4gdv Sar Inheaven
Creature: yBrtd Sar Soshai
Creature: doJ5G Master Redd