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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Sketch's Lab

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  • Joined at 6:11 pm, 14/03/2021
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It's quite the expedition out to visit Sketch's lab, and for good reason. The long road takes your ECV through a vast silver gate that opens upon your approach, and when you see the herds of girafos, cervids, and safido grazing together with saltanta lounging close by, you realize what the scientist has done : she's created a protected reserve for the life she studies. Her lab is no less remarkable than the work she's done outside, and you're given a quick tour accompanied by her loyal saltanta Abaddon at your side. It seems all of her creatures are vitally chipped, named, and well-loved.

Creature: Okj0E Okj0E
Creature: lFuYJ lFuYJ
Creature: xFGDe xFGDe
Creature: tmuNS Lady Lunaloo
Creature: p6RHI Lord Ethra
Creature: SWOXK Lady Alpha
Creature: 044WT 044WT
Creature: B0iSU B0iSU
Creature: vY68H Lady Egyptsia
Creature: gyeOo gyeOo
Creature: tb7zr tb7zr
Creature: 5tKoC 5tKoC
Creature: PZfHH PZfHH
Creature: 5qOih 5qOih
Creature: zeFwL zeFwL
Creature: MyVAE MyVAE
Creature: S5Dpq S5Dpq
Creature: ObFqr ObFqr
Creature: 5ps0D 5ps0D
Creature: JIQqZ JIQqZ
Creature: ams18 ams18
Creature: ixH2Q ixH2Q
Creature: qml1Z qml1Z
Creature: 66l98 66l98
Creature: EaRhO EaRhO
Creature: 39tEY 39tEY
Creature: VtlgP VtlgP
Creature: lFG2J lFG2J
Creature: ErEHp ErEHp
Creature: pe3qS pe3qS
Creature: JMlw7 JMlw7
Creature: zDhF1 zDhF1
Creature: 8ByoR Lady Hades
Creature: RwOgy RwOgy
Creature: 25AnH Lord Lavahaze
Creature: Uq2Lk Lady Cherishine
Creature: vGi8i Ser Vegas
Creature: RAHXd Lady Prestige
Creature: Ete8H Lord Everafter
Creature: VdWW6 Lord Bloomburn
Creature: IgxuX Lord Iruxiel
Creature: ArBVC Lord Ru'Moon
Creature: KvZ0V Lady Rupee
Creature: adM8G Lady Bloodbath
Creature: CpAvq Lady Eve
Creature: UlaWi Lord Ularyssus
Creature: YpBM5 Lord Sauron
Creature: NmOgg Lady Insidious
Creature: lxJYP Lady Hallow
Creature: XHNpR Lady Ween