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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Sketch's Lab

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  • Joined at 6:11 pm, 14/03/2021
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It's quite the expedition out to visit Sketch's lab, and for good reason. The long road takes your ECV through a vast silver gate that opens upon your approach, and when you see the herds of girafos, cervids, and safido grazing together with saltanta lounging close by, you realize what the scientist has done : she's created a protected reserve for the life she studies. Her lab is no less remarkable than the work she's done outside, and you're given a quick tour accompanied by her loyal saltanta Abaddon at your side. It seems all of her creatures are vitally chipped, named, and well-loved.

Creature: 0j55Q Queen Morbius
Creature: iqKT2 Lord Duskwing
Creature: 7IdwT 7IdwT
Creature: sSjtg sSjtg
Creature: zau5p zau5p
Creature: 51x4O Lord Bruno
Creature: BmXMR Lady Baxcalibur
Creature: miVLO Lord Modelo
Creature: 0MON5 Lord Blondie
Creature: uBhsG Lady Covergirl
Creature: Kjwsh Kjwsh
Creature: 6KN4Y Lord Justice
Creature: gg1o7 Lady Grace
Creature: phvuF Lady Dapplin
Creature: Exyns Lady Exyns
Creature: umbOE Lord Stardust
Creature: Axh9n Axh9n
Creature: oXNft Lord Xephrael
Creature: OeTxM Lord Frappe
Creature: OGNrW Lord Starcatcher
Creature: 1e9o3 1e9o3
Creature: y6Ffz Lady Delta
Creature: X7znk Lady Lashes
Creature: lkQLy Lord Illuthius
Creature: 0of8v Lady Oofus
Creature: wY9b8 Lord Tox
Creature: r8i5V Lord Bloodfeud
Creature: cG3LJ cG3LJ
Creature: ewoID Lord Warden
Creature: lAqqv Lord Hoff
Creature: dhBdg Lady Dapple
Creature: m7vHq Lady Paintra
Creature: oajwv Lady Splash
Creature: ktNJ8 Lord Drave
Creature: f9KfI Lady Faerilyn
Creature: cn4WT Lord Runebreaker
Creature: JH3pP Lady Runabelle
Creature: DhzZr Lord Viola
Creature: uBnV9 Lady Descent
Creature: 1BMZj Lady Jersey
Creature: 2SoZu 2SoZu
Creature: c4s0o c4s0o
Creature: WOJQp WOJQp
Creature: jwcZx Lady Sugarush
Creature: W4Emh W4Emh
Creature: ppBVe Madam Nightmare
Creature: GOBqj Lord Tempest
Creature: IPs9F Lord Thunder
Creature: iQFiK Lady Author
Creature: TvcDS TvcDS