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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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dustpuppy's Lab

  • dustpuppy has 3843 creatures
  • Joined at 2:25 pm, 21/05/2020
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Every scientist has their own lab where they can raise and study creatures, and this space is dustpuppy's own private paradise. Take a moment to look around the room and get familiar with all the equipment found within this spacious, white-walled room. There are housing units against the far wall for the captured and bred creatures. The computer system is a state-of-the-art design, capable of handling all of the data gathered from scientific studies. An entire counter of various scientific instruments, from microscopes to centrifuges and more, guarantees the scientist can run any test they like on the genetic material they collect. The mission is to conduct experiments and breeding programs in the effort to evolve different species to their strongest possible forms.

Creature: 7Hf4V Creamy Silk
Creature: xLYpw King Arawn V
Creature: H3yOv Heyo
Creature: O6XCP Kronos
Creature: PVAhE Knecht Ruprecht
Creature: feeOQ Adonis
Creature: ThdNw Nicholas
Creature: OxOXx Look At My Code
Creature: 1cyZx Cyril
Creature: 3Evkf Erik
Creature: z5GW8 Faunus
Creature: lsokP Isosceles
Creature: WeJfR Robin
Creature: p67kE Poke
Creature: oOx8I Oxi
Creature: KSmff Kasimir
Creature: q1qfO Coalo II
Creature: Q1z4u Qizu II
Creature: eNpd3 Nanaya
Creature: b4Eth Baeth
Creature: VRJal Cherry II
Creature: FzxTY Fanny
Creature: SIe1I Sleigh
Creature: 7jANe Jane
Creature: cWveA Camee
Creature: 1BBGf Barbara
Creature: JvBM5 Julia
Creature: 3fxZD Cinnamon Cocoa II
Creature: YTsJq Tanja
Creature: XpKzu Rudy the red-tailed reindeer
Creature: NV1LE Neville
Creature: gCxhH Shelly
Creature: W9kk5 Wake
Creature: z68qn Blueberry Hunteress II
Creature: Qeg6m Orangina
Creature: uXP1B Petra
Creature: BulRB Poinsettia
Creature: ktMz1 Mizzie
Creature: n0s1a Nosia
Creature: myBhE Blizzard Jane II
Creature: 9Cvu6 Cupid
Creature: ShhM1 Jimmy
Creature: RT5lU Fritz
Creature: sZFzO Laszlo II
Creature: clIBt Red
Creature: bhinx Binx
Creature: bYkB3 Barnaby
Creature: wiQvt Quentin II
Creature: N4jMw Najm
Creature: X7NLG Nils