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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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dustpuppy's Lab

  • dustpuppy has 3892 creatures
  • Joined at 2:25 pm, 21/05/2020
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Every scientist has their own lab where they can raise and study creatures, and this space is dustpuppy's own private paradise. Take a moment to look around the room and get familiar with all the equipment found within this spacious, white-walled room. There are housing units against the far wall for the captured and bred creatures. The computer system is a state-of-the-art design, capable of handling all of the data gathered from scientific studies. An entire counter of various scientific instruments, from microscopes to centrifuges and more, guarantees the scientist can run any test they like on the genetic material they collect. The mission is to conduct experiments and breeding programs in the effort to evolve different species to their strongest possible forms.

Creature: L9pyt L9pyt
Creature: J5Maj Missing MALE aa-AA-aa, BOTH aa-aa-Aa
Creature: Gr7R8 Greta
Creature: vw7Ra Ramon
Creature: 7T1C7 Ticia
Creature: bZwrp Stormwing
Creature: 9v6CR Veronica
Creature: eiJa7 Elija
Creature: yQm1w Yum-Yum
Creature: ZT7In Ziti
Creature: Vg0Dj Vitali
Creature: 71xgW Tina
Creature: roEIt Roek
Creature: zWjd9 Lavinia
Creature: 2Pv8T Pavel
Creature: PCZla Stormcloud
Creature: 0LLZP Grey Storm
Creature: 4hpt4 Ariane
Creature: ZgBg6 Duster
Creature: HbR4A Rina
Creature: jYmre Yasmine
Creature: zJDth Jaden
Creature: wWDxh Wally
Creature: pr4At Pradiksha
Creature: IPAWW Big Paw
Creature: leiA4 Jannik
Creature: uOg7D Stormy Brindled Olga
Creature: MPte9 Petra
Creature: fFwsF Fforde
Creature: Y9baJ Yoba
Creature: PKLBV Paolo
Creature: P6gpM Peregrine
Creature: BTLcd Betty
Creature: g9Nb1 Agneta
Creature: 8zUTw Uther
Creature: wnCGL Wanda
Creature: fMczf Marcus
Creature: osjBn Oisin
Creature: WnyNd Leopard
Creature: Swv8R Leonie
Creature: tXy0C Tyrone
Creature: 5Rxu9 Lyanna
Creature: 8dhDU Dulal
Creature: g2AVb Ramina
Creature: 777lJ Sven
Creature: oHAnv Hans
Creature: v0GRm Daisy
Creature: 0nfVW Ole
Creature: bqmtF Billy
Creature: fdkn0 Knowledge