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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Prof Sunshine's Lab

  • Prof Sunshine has 2761 creatures
  • Joined at 2:43 pm, 03/11/2021
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On the big white door, the name of Professor Sunshine is written in golden letters. As you enter, you discover a bright and enchanting place. The lab is perfectly organized, and several computers seem to be processing huge amounts of data. Many exotic plants and flowers decorate the ceiling, and the whole room has a delicious smell of tea. Suddenly, you hear a lovely laugh. You realize that the scientist was playing with her companion, an Alsalto named Topaze. Having noticed you, she welcomes you warmly with a French accent and offers you a tour of the laboratory.

Creature: ine5X Collection of all creatures - In progress
Creature: Ku550 ID 1-1-1 G1
Creature: pnIJe ID 1-1-1 G1 'Cendre'
Creature: WuloB ID 1-1-2 G2 'Lobe'
Creature: d4uhU ID 1-1-3 G1 'Espoir'
Creature: 27XPs ID 1-2-1 G1 'Travail'
Creature: 2yaKC ID 1-2-2 G1
Creature: gHSfl ID 1-2-2 G1 'Religieuse'
Creature: 28nwj ID 1-2-3 G1
Creature: tFHOA ID 1-2-3 G1 'Tyran'
Creature: k9yRd ID 1-3-1 G1 'Dentifrice'
Creature: ppQJw ID 1-3-2 G1
Creature: VsUtM ID 1-3-2 G1 'Prince'
Creature: Xqkrr ID 1-3-3 G1 'Savon'
Creature: 64FZ0 ID 2-1-1 G1 'Myrtille'
Creature: WXbJs ID 2-1-2 G1
Creature: AMDnj ID 2-1-2 G1 'Corral'
Creature: Mn1ud ID 2-2-1 G1 'Bijou'
Creature: yj8m1 ID 2-2-2 G1
Creature: xWTnc ID 2-2-2 G1 'Papillon'
Creature: qsbCF ID 2-2-3 G1
Creature: EVUhW ID 2-2-3 G1 'Insomnie'
Creature: YGcwU ID 2-3-1 G1 'Sucre'
Creature: bXCB2 ID 2-3-2 G1 'Compte'
Creature: MMd1a ID 2-3-3 G2 'Stade'
Creature: Hy6Nm ID 3-1-1 G2 'Monstre'
Creature: JkpSI ID 3-1-2 G1 'Pantalon'
Creature: pNyaw ID 3-1-2 G2
Creature: yjEhm ID 3-2-1 G1 'Paume'
Creature: f2ymO ID 3-2-2 G1
Creature: w9exS ID 3-2-2 G1 'Sud'
Creature: rmXEk ID 3-2-3 G1
Creature: fF1TA ID 3-2-3 G1 'Larve'
Creature: bCVr1 ID 3-3-1 G1
Creature: rfmec ID 3-3-1 G1 'Tondeuse'
Creature: qmy9I ID 3-3-2 G1 'Esprit'
Creature: Ui56a ID 3-3-3 G1 'Surprise'