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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Prof Sunshine's Lab

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On the big white door, the name of Professor Sunshine is written in golden letters. As you enter, you discover a bright and enchanting place. The lab is perfectly organized, and several computers seem to be processing huge amounts of data. Many exotic plants and flowers decorate the ceiling, and the whole room has a delicious smell of tea. Suddenly, you hear a lovely laugh. You realize that the scientist was playing with her companion, an Alsalto named Topaze. Having noticed you, she welcomes you warmly with a French accent and offers you a tour of the laboratory.

Creature: yKDMg Collection of all genes - In progress
Creature: 1w4XE ID A-A-W-C-E-Q-B-E-W G1 'Rencontre'
Creature: i8n7n ID A-I-W-N-W-W-N-W-N G1 'Fatigue'
Creature: jCKw2 ID A-L-H-S-N-U-X-N-N G1 'Enseignement'
Creature: qxdy5 ID C-D-J-S-N-W-G-O-N G1 'Elfe'
Creature: xNbhh ID C-Q-Q-M-V-G-B-S-N G1 'Etape'
Creature: CveLV ID C-S-D-E-J-R-D-N-E G1 'Obstacle'
Creature: 6BRNb ID C-S-W-M-W-V-N-E-C G1 'Pirate'
Creature: WFUhH ID C-W-O-K-E-U-Y-D-R G1 'Planche'
Creature: pivUp ID F-I-P-I-K-J-V-Q-D G1 'Diffusion'
Creature: FxAgQ ID H-M-C-K-N-O-E-F-Q G1 'Prairie'
Creature: LuPRt ID H-X-W-U-U-K-D-Z-W G1 'Vision'
Creature: ZBVzs ID I-O-Q-K-B-P-I-W-K G1 'Expression'
Creature: d9XI9 ID L-E-K-R-N-N-E-Q-X G1 'Main'
Creature: GWRX6 ID L-E-M-X-O-N-Q-N-I G1 'Partenaire'
Creature: H6Y3o ID L-E-N-U-R-O-E-N-N G1 'Lentille'
Creature: nu2xK ID N-B-N-N-G-Zz-Q-V-O G1 'Doigt'
Creature: c650r ID N-K-E-W-V-N-U-L-G G1 'Magie'
Creature: PIq7Q ID N-K-K-R-C-Z-K-Q-K G1 'Xylophone'
Creature: FwZKB ID N-M-N-N-M-K-T-Q-S G3 'Rotation'
Creature: Jurop ID N-N-D-K-R-N-S-W-K G1 'Cours'
Creature: z8Czg ID O-B-O-S-T-M-R-Y-P G1 'Message'
Creature: TihH0 ID O-M-E-M-E-T-Q-H-D G1 'Soeur'
Creature: P8Ryp ID O-W-L-Zz-K-C-Z-X-K G1 'Pays'
Creature: rGKrn ID P-M-V-Zz-W-W-T-H-O G1 'Blessure'
Creature: 7I80c ID P-N-U-P-N-I-J-D-V G1 'Climatisation'
Creature: py773 ID P-V-E-Z-Z-E-W-V-K G1 'Masque'
Creature: 3i8fS ID Q-C-I-Q-F-O-Q-D-N G1 'Ballon'
Creature: IONDR ID Q-J-O-O-C-Z-I-X-P G1 'Anecdote'
Creature: F0H0U ID Q-L-Q-N-Q-X-M-N-W G1 'Fou'
Creature: XRcLe ID Q-N-Z-N-Q-E-N-Q-U G1 'Piment'
Creature: LVZZD ID Q-O-T-Q-W-P-N-N-O G1 'Page'
Creature: zF69u ID Q-W-F-L-C-D-B-U-T G3 'Vagabond'
Creature: m5dhw ID Q-Z-Y-Zz-C-N-S-N-H G1 'Vengeance'
Creature: kdFa1 ID R-C-Y-N-A-N-J-E-O G1 'Urne'
Creature: purou ID R-I-P-C-O-N-T-Y-V G1 'Opium'
Creature: wsk06 ID R-J-W-L-S-L-Q-M-S G1 'Vide'
Creature: R0Pgr ID R-V-S-E-Q-K-N-D-P G1 'Stress'
Creature: qnw5m ID S-M-Z-R-S-I-M-M-B G1 'Joie'
Creature: ZhEZF ID S-Z-O-Q-Q-Q-S-I-N G1 'Dialogue'
Creature: PhlRf ID U-X-A-T-W-K-Q-T-R G1 'Tourbillon'
Creature: qFdoH ID V-K-P-Q-S-N-K-J-C G2 'Assiette'
Creature: AQPZw ID W-F-M-W-J-K-W-B-K G1 'Concert'
Creature: 2LP22 ID W-M-P-G-J-W-H-G-U G1 'Visite'
Creature: PyHMQ ID X-H-C-C-J-O-N-Y-L G1 'Poudre'
Creature: k2NED ID Y-F-N-H-V-E-D-K-T G1 'Malaise'
Creature: eq3Nq ID Y-J-E-J-W-B-J-U-O G1 'Equation'
Creature: grNQy ID Zz-N-L-O-O-J-B-S-Q G1 'Don'