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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Marsh Nook's Lab

As the person in charge of handling bulletins, addendums, and other major communications system aspects, Marsh can often be found tapping away at a keyboard or hunched over a scattered cluster of notes and pens. The left side of the lab counter is kept organized, with any unused equipment protected by dust covers. A bowl of meal bars at the end is always kept filled; anyone is welcome to pop in for a quick snack or just to chat. Marsh enjoys hearing expedition stories and funny research anecdotes, which sometimes find their way into outpost-wide communiques. Despite a less than pleasant first encounter with Floranta Doloros, Marsh has come to enjoy observing them, and they can often be found in the lab’s housing units.