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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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You open the door marked "mirage" tentatively, not sure what to expect of the screams coming from inside. To your relief, you see as you step through the entrance that the cacophony's culprits are the countless colorful 'toos hanging from anything remotely perch-like in the lab. Curious, you follow a flash of orange down a hallway, and rounding the corner, a herd of kronos greet your surprised gaze before gracefully bounding away even further into the endless maze this place appears to be. You shake your head wonderingly before leaving the way you came, already hoping for a reason to return.

Creature: 6xgS1 6xgS1
Creature: 34gQk 34gQk
Creature: S6yeG S6yeG
Creature: l6MVG Simmy
Creature: 0jOdO 0jOdO
Creature: acbuD acbuD
Creature: kKGoY kKGoY
Creature: 6JYRf 6JYRf
Creature: 97dvR 97dvR
Creature: VvYuu VvYuu
Creature: vysww vysww
Creature: u0MED u0MED
Creature: ppuLp ppuLp
Creature: I1CGl I1CGl
Creature: 84qp5 84qp5
Creature: 2WZuW 2WZuW
Creature: 8fXK9 Stardust Sprinkles
Creature: N0nst Rusty Shimmer
Creature: PQVsm PQVsm
Creature: NiCrP Dusty Nickel
Creature: 68oKb 68oKb
Creature: 8xk3t 8xk3t
Creature: lcypN lcypN
Creature: 9MEyC 9MEyC
Creature: nHy70 nHy70
Creature: N1uAD N1uAD
Creature: Qxq3O Qxq3O
Creature: bHSkY bHSkY
Creature: df1jm df1jm
Creature: Hr9oJ Hr9oJ
Creature: CvomR CvomR
Creature: QmFG0 QmFG0
Creature: G0msu G0msu
Creature: 7hBHf 7hBHf
Creature: 1j4Og 1j4Og
Creature: zcAgk zcAgk
Creature: e5wTA e5wTA
Creature: Sssox Sssox
Creature: g0wEo g0wEo
Creature: w1M9H w1M9H
Creature: Z0KGV Z0KGV
Creature: zzZke zzZke
Creature: Le3I4 Le3I4
Creature: 655Ip 655Ip
Creature: MHhoG MHhoG
Creature: NlWEk NlWEk
Creature: sphyZ sphyZ
Creature: RXwKh RXwKh