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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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samkee00's Lab

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  • Joined at 8:31 pm, 22/05/2020
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Seeing a wide-open door, you enter the rather whimsical-looking lab and take a look around. Creature habitats are set up normally, but they are surrounded by dozens of old capsules filled with everything from marbles and sea glass to terrariums and what you discover are carefully labeled, handmade inks. One wall is dominated by a bulletin board that would be straight out of a crime drama, if the subject matter wasn't apparently the resident scientist's efforts to figure out how dragons could possibly exist and where they might be found. A paper on the desk informs you they are out for a snack.

Creature: NSwOm NSwOm
Creature: 7yUzS 7yUzS
Creature: 9IHKV 9IHKV
Creature: bI2ve ARDA-bI2ve
Creature: bXo1e bXo1e
Creature: d3tn5 d3tn5
Creature: drw1c drw1c
Creature: eEaTv eEaTv
Creature: j5vfV j5vfV
Creature: jdqVi jdqVi
Creature: mgu0r mgu0r
Creature: NTv7p NTv7p
Creature: NZHoJ NZHoJ
Creature: nemZI nemZI
Creature: VmARN VmARN
Creature: WQki5 WQki5
Creature: Wzci7 Wzci7
Creature: ZiBYp ZiBYp
Creature: nAKeR nAKeR
Creature: aqZU4 aqZU4
Creature: OaXXr OaXXr
Creature: oYum0 oYum0
Creature: Oakny Oakny
Creature: 2IMkx 2IMkx
Creature: 3VtwI 3VtwI
Creature: bsPCF bsPCF
Creature: D7Ev5 D7Ev5
Creature: Dj4xL Dj4xL
Creature: GReGY GReGY
Creature: I6m5M I6m5M
Creature: Isntk Isntk
Creature: JTDcF JTDcF
Creature: j5iCr j5iCr
Creature: KgfiB KgfiB
Creature: kUvNQ kUvNQ
Creature: MBa4a MBa4a
Creature: puoiz puoiz
Creature: QloAb QloAb
Creature: qJ0OW qJ0OW
Creature: t0S00 t0S00
Creature: UYVB8 UYVB8