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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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samkee00's Lab

  • samkee00 has 2444 creatures
  • Joined at 8:31 pm, 22/05/2020
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Seeing a wide-open door, you enter the rather whimsical-looking lab and take a look around. Creature habitats are set up normally, but they are surrounded by dozens of old capsules filled with everything from marbles and sea glass to terrariums and what you discover are carefully labeled, handmade inks. One wall is dominated by a bulletin board that would be straight out of a crime drama, if the subject matter wasn't apparently the resident scientist's efforts to figure out how dragons could possibly exist and where they might be found. A paper on the desk informs you they are out for a snack.

Creature: Ebudt Ebudt
Creature: SesQS SesQS
Creature: T0WCh T0WCh
Creature: x8oJF x8oJF
Creature: giNkZ giNkZ
Creature: T2uVG T2uVG
Creature: gis0n gis0n
Creature: 0CCOL 0CCOL
Creature: 0IoN8 0IoN8
Creature: nWbzJ nWbzJ
Creature: OpnoF OpnoF
Creature: YEatW YEatW
Creature: 4ssix 4ssix
Creature: uomOx uomOx
Creature: 0uSaN 0uSaN
Creature: 1jjQm 1jjQm
Creature: 8hM5W 8hM5W
Creature: coAI6 coAI6
Creature: H0Pl1 H0Pl1
Creature: jUgFd jUgFd
Creature: omf3X omf3X
Creature: oOoiC oOoiC
Creature: PhaHD PhaHD
Creature: SAMkY SAMkY
Creature: uCScI uCScI
Creature: XkfxN XkfxN
Creature: xfJEl xfJEl
Creature: zOYX6 zOYX6
Creature: zvFTZ zvFTZ
Creature: 4YoJW 4YoJW
Creature: DPojk DPojk
Creature: sodwe sodwe
Creature: a8uoy a8uoy
Creature: 0S7mC 0S7mC
Creature: OJyOh OJyOh
Creature: pOR6l pOR6l
Creature: SHYHc SHYHc
Creature: 26rFy 26rFy
Creature: BfxXf BfxXf
Creature: bbu1l bbu1l
Creature: w6SUK w6SUK
Creature: OpWaO OpWaO
Creature: 2xpp7 -- highest bid 1000 gold --
Creature: BeYqV BeYqV
Creature: d8Ou0 d8Ou0
Creature: mzm1e mzm1e
Creature: 3hmUp 3hmUp
Creature: DoS8D DoS8D