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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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ricetheroni's Lab

  • ricetheroni has 264 creatures
  • Joined at 11:33 pm, 08/02/2021
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You open a grey door adorned with colorful stickers and walk inside. A huge room sprawls out before you - spacious yet bustling with activity. All but a small area in the center of the lab is comprised of highly-detailed miniature habitats. Various creatures chatter and chase each other playfully through their biomes. "Do ya like it?" A pale scientist appears from within a den-like habitat to the left of you. A grey Klara Alsalto pads eagerly after them. "I'm Riley, or Ricetheroni, if you wanna be official," they say, pushing short pink hair from their face, "Welcome to Angelheart Lab!"

Creature: 1S5qI 1S5qI
Creature: 8xnQl 8xnQl
Creature: 93DV7 93DV7
Creature: afxb8 afxb8
Creature: BgOXM BgOXM
Creature: g1sk8 g1sk8
Creature: LqN2O LqN2O
Creature: 5HipK 5HipK
Creature: eoU7C eoU7C
Creature: LwhN7 LwhN7
Creature: Oqxti Oqxti
Creature: yMls5 yMls5
Creature: o6tUj o6tUj
Creature: 7cPGm 7cPGm
Creature: A93xH A93xH
Creature: KlVkw KlVkw
Creature: nX3ew nX3ew
Creature: FCoOy FCoOy
Creature: Nos7U Nos7U
Creature: oyDAT oyDAT
Creature: n0IdK n0IdK
Creature: C1Wdv C1Wdv
Creature: Hgvjp Hgvjp
Creature: idueC idueC
Creature: iS7dO iS7dO
Creature: WXd5F WXd5F
Creature: XodCX XodCX
Creature: QWJlo QWJlo
Creature: BqF9Q BqF9Q
Creature: dQ5Qx dQ5Qx
Creature: gwCn1 gwCn1
Creature: InqaZ InqaZ
Creature: o1Ba3 o1Ba3
Creature: 8pHNz 8pHNz
Creature: BQ7WM BQ7WM
Creature: bldqc bldqc
Creature: JA0ZP JA0ZP
Creature: dJkBx dJkBx
Creature: ibn7g ibn7g
Creature: Qy4fQ Qy4fQ
Creature: UVtW5 UVtW5
Creature: UybwA UybwA
Creature: vAoVt vAoVt
Creature: C4iQm C4iQm
Creature: h8mq7 h8mq7
Creature: eqkVE eqkVE
Creature: NfO9F NfO9F
Creature: q8zgZ q8zgZ
Creature: XsyaQ pinky angelheart