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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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ampratt's Lab

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Walking through the synthetic wood door with her name engraved on it, entering AM Pratt's lab is like stepping back in time into the office of an ancient Earth natural history museum curator. There's an ornamental rug that lays in the center of the room. One wall contains old fashioned filing cabinets and a large roll top desk cluttered with research paraphernalia, dimly lit by a stained glass lamp. The rest of the room is filled with shelves that contain artifacts and fossils. In a corner, a travel case is packed for departure. Like the adventurers of old, she's always ready to go.

Creature: mOSq9 mOSq9
Creature: B1kMC B1kMC
Creature: r6mae r6mae
Creature: sGdXX sGdXX
Creature: XJCHi XJCHi
Creature: pzJGM pzJGM
Creature: vc1Q1 vc1Q1
Creature: WsDuQ WsDuQ
Creature: rze8U rze8U
Creature: UZuPT UZuPT
Creature: 9DJ9H 9DJ9H
Creature: 9hgeL 9hgeL
Creature: TtAS5 TtAS5
Creature: ODzn4 ODzn4
Creature: k1aw8 k1aw8
Creature: Fd8oo Fd8oo
Creature: Xp264 Xp264
Creature: YWwBR YWwBR
Creature: nENX3 nENX3
Creature: tofPV tofPV
Creature: ntvUt ntvUt
Creature: js2nD js2nD
Creature: VFyXg VFyXg
Creature: f2uol f2uol
Creature: 64eu5 64eu5
Creature: wpJqu wpJqu
Creature: O8qBT O8qBT
Creature: T6vYd T6vYd
Creature: qoli6 qoli6
Creature: rBYUf rBYUf
Creature: 9dLVX 9dLVX
Creature: Gb3hR Gb3hR
Creature: aY9EE aY9EE
Creature: TV1EB TV1EB
Creature: 8SvYP 8SvYP
Creature: 1FLyU 1FLyU
Creature: 4Qsew 4Qsew
Creature: tWH3N When