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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Honestly, you're not certain of what you expected to find, but the landscape murals painted upon some of the walls was, admittedly, a pleasant touch to the atmosphere. After the artistry, you take note of the somewhat-disorganized state of the lab. Notebooks, sketchbooks, loose pages, and a variety of pencils clutter desk space and even a couple corners of the room. "Oh! I wasn't expecting any visitors today." Your gaze turns to the woman who spoke, glasses in her hands as she cleans the lenses before putting them back on. "Hello! You can call me Val. Make yourself at home. I'll make tea."

Creature: 0XbWa 0XbWa
Creature: GC1GV GC1GV
Creature: TFRS0 TFRS0
Creature: 1YnUk 1YnUk
Creature: R3UV4 R3UV4
Creature: ZIa9U ZIa9U
Creature: 2i8JI 2i8JI
Creature: RYlPD RYlPD
Creature: OqY0z OqY0z
Creature: eoCIg eoCIg
Creature: NI8G7 NI8G7
Creature: oUjhL oUjhL
Creature: mPTep mPTep
Creature: 9yHOZ 9yHOZ
Creature: Bzwvt Bzwvt
Creature: 1PoOW 1PoOW
Creature: QcUxm QcUxm
Creature: 2XtjE 2XtjE
Creature: d4qCd d4qCd
Creature: bYZBj bYZBj
Creature: kMaHF kMaHF
Creature: LQb7c LQb7c
Creature: 4kTNy 4kTNy
Creature: EUY8S EUY8S
Creature: kBa7O kBa7O
Creature: 521qO 521qO
Creature: dx1aK dx1aK
Creature: iZsQ8 iZsQ8
Creature: UnRls UnRls
Creature: JUN0u JUN0u
Creature: 7wTjV 7wTjV
Creature: k1HLp k1HLp
Creature: pDwzS pDwzS
Creature: jgYdk jgYdk
Creature: PyLf8 PyLf8
Creature: HlgXP HlgXP
Creature: oGYpa oGYpa
Creature: UgDP8 UgDP8
Creature: G7CL0 G7CL0
Creature: eOLxM eOLxM
Creature: nHJps nHJps
Creature: GOjnO GOjnO
Creature: B03xj B03xj
Creature: QEj4E QEj4E