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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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You stop for a moment, wondering if it's really the best idea to go in. After all, you've heard stories about Ark- how she's always hiding her face, often sticking to herself and her creature care. But you really need that report, so you knock on the violet-painted door. A few moments pass before it creaks open, and Ark appears, a makeshift hood and an aqua-tinted alsalto mask covering her head. Behind her is a shocking amount of Alsalto in a lab you can only describe as chaotic. "Oh, it's you! Don't mind them, come on in. Take a seat on that couch and I'll bring those papers in a moment!"

Creature: X1qE4 X1qE4
Creature: 5Etqp 5Etqp
Creature: ASnCo ASnCo
Creature: Afghn Afghn
Creature: NZQEb NZQEb
Creature: LMpYH LMpYH
Creature: UEZpU UEZpU