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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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TheWildOne's Lab

  • TheWildOne has 3180 creatures
  • Joined at 6:09 am, 29/08/2020
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Bold gold letters on this lab door indicate that this is TheWildOne's lab. Upon entering, you are greeted by Pegasus, Wild's favorite Ebena mare. Wild's lab is immaculate with lab equipment aligned along the left wall, floral specimens organized along the right wall, and a study/office arranged against the same wall as the door. Scattered across the lab is artwork of various species, and in the center is a small lounge area where a strong smell of coffee wafts through the air. You spot Wild sitting in the lounge sipping a cup of hot coffee as she studies the most recent lab reports.

Creature: AmkWq AmkWq
Creature: CnYj3 CnYj3
Creature: d2qJt d2qJt
Creature: TgMGY TgMGY
Creature: H1DfJ H1DfJ
Creature: tx0ce tx0ce
Creature: mzWsz mzWsz
Creature: cRcJo cRcJo
Creature: seDSv seDSv
Creature: Kdkod Kdkod
Creature: GXnb9 GXnb9
Creature: HdtQu HdtQu
Creature: Zp99x Zp99x
Creature: ByMWI ByMWI
Creature: 6HdFO 6HdFO
Creature: 7MCrD 7MCrD
Creature: dB3fB dB3fB
Creature: vqME1 vqME1
Creature: 2IgA5 2IgA5
Creature: rOola rOola
Creature: 6cylq 6cylq
Creature: NgOv6 NgOv6
Creature: Yo3Xf Yo3Xf
Creature: SI2Si SI2Si
Creature: lm1yM lm1yM
Creature: WmPbH WmPbH
Creature: YJkoG YJkoG
Creature: v4h05 v4h05
Creature: ed2K9 ed2K9
Creature: jLJzb jLJzb
Creature: 65f8I 65f8I
Creature: knWUQ knWUQ
Creature: VMiiO VMiiO
Creature: BjPbC BjPbC
Creature: Q5HP0 Q5HP0
Creature: FHEE4 FHEE4
Creature: 7ZKor 7ZKor
Creature: 2QBI5 2QBI5
Creature: oA8kk oA8kk
Creature: aF2dj aF2dj
Creature: Icve9 Icve9
Creature: zt2wN zt2wN
Creature: 9IOxC 9IOxC
Creature: j9jO6 j9jO6
Creature: DDh3B DDh3B
Creature: pe5By pe5By
Creature: 4eh1K 4eh1K
Creature: Z2zwZ Z2zwZ
Creature: T5Gpr T5Gpr
Creature: L5WMa L5WMa