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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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TheWildOne's Lab

  • TheWildOne has 3337 creatures
  • Joined at 6:09 am, 29/08/2020
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Bold gold letters on this lab door indicate that this is TheWildOne's lab. Upon entering, you are greeted by Pegasus, Wild's favorite Ebena mare. Wild's lab is immaculate with lab equipment aligned along the left wall, floral specimens organized along the right wall, and a study/office arranged against the same wall as the door. Scattered across the lab is artwork of various species, and in the center is a small lounge area where a strong smell of coffee wafts through the air. You spot Wild sitting in the lounge sipping a cup of hot coffee as she studies the most recent lab reports.

Creature: 6DklH 6DklH
Creature: dh1DF dh1DF
Creature: h1182 h1182
Creature: wYmD8 wYmD8
Creature: QBvzr QBvzr
Creature: SnUun SnUun
Creature: g2ORD g2ORD
Creature: mkXqs mkXqs
Creature: 9UVX8 9UVX8
Creature: wi1Sy wi1Sy
Creature: oMyfT oMyfT
Creature: cPMlV cPMlV
Creature: y9j4J y9j4J
Creature: W63Yg W63Yg
Creature: lusyE lusyE
Creature: 2uiKm 2uiKm
Creature: A8DjE A8DjE
Creature: T83Rk T83Rk
Creature: fvXBh fvXBh
Creature: pSopz pSopz
Creature: 80ijz 80ijz
Creature: flC44 flC44
Creature: XWzaI XWzaI
Creature: jjIaR jjIaR
Creature: Zf98y Zf98y
Creature: sAZy3 sAZy3
Creature: A33KA A33KA
Creature: 6lEUq 6lEUq
Creature: Pk8HH Pk8HH
Creature: SBnmi SBnmi
Creature: eHnpk eHnpk
Creature: C4KcA C4KcA
Creature: UcKo4 UcKo4
Creature: oGmeC oGmeC
Creature: 3Ok5H 3Ok5H
Creature: EZDp1 EZDp1
Creature: VgkyG VgkyG
Creature: qWWnS qWWnS
Creature: Sjr7X Sjr7X
Creature: dyYC1 dyYC1
Creature: EI6tb EI6tb
Creature: G4X8e G4X8e
Creature: rFV2U rFV2U
Creature: Z5KoD Z5KoD
Creature: scNQh scNQh
Creature: r8zAG r8zAG
Creature: dk3mt dk3mt
Creature: WlR08 WlR08
Creature: kBYVo kBYVo