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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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TheWildOne's Lab

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Bold gold letters on this lab door indicate that this is TheWildOne's lab. Upon entering, you are greeted by Pegasus, Wild's favorite Ebena mare. Wild's lab is immaculate with lab equipment aligned along the left wall, floral specimens organized along the right wall, and a study/office arranged against the same wall as the door. Scattered across the lab is artwork of various species, and in the center is a small lounge area where a strong smell of coffee wafts through the air. You spot Wild sitting in the lounge sipping a cup of hot coffee as she studies the most recent lab reports.

Creature: r8i5V r8i5V
Creature: iukhT G2 KarneZing
Creature: 2YQfo G2 HollyKick
Creature: 0cAis G2 MimsEspressO
Creature: T7aCf T7aCf
Creature: tGGGM tGGGM
Creature: l091A l091A
Creature: OjOND OjOND
Creature: kJqtU kJqtU
Creature: pENbH pENbH
Creature: e6uFD e6uFD
Creature: C8fxD C8fxD
Creature: rv2If rv2If
Creature: ZFxBS ZFxBS
Creature: DpRXr DpRXr
Creature: 7EREt 7EREt
Creature: aBAqX aBAqX
Creature: ukivK ukivK
Creature: lXH9R lXH9R
Creature: wIgWK wIgWK
Creature: IsVUC IsVUC
Creature: 3IEa1 3IEa1
Creature: EjOop EjOop
Creature: J5wks J5wks
Creature: z0hpi z0hpi
Creature: 6VPdc 6VPdc
Creature: n2rQu n2rQu
Creature: 1fUJI 1fUJI
Creature: 35BEs 35BEs
Creature: fSsX1 fSsX1
Creature: FfejC FfejC
Creature: FKByB FKByB