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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Raphy's Lab

  • Raphy has 2523 creatures
  • Joined at 8:13 pm, 25/11/2020
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You open a door bearing a large picture of a fox and find yourself greeted by an overly friendly blue Transira (could this be..?) After being smothered in kisses you push her down gently and move further in. A mug of coffee with the picture of a curious looking red striped dragon sits steaming on a desk scattered with photos of piano foxes. In every corner you see tattered old Hundo beds, occupied by snoozing Klara Asaltos. Some of them wag sleepily at you as you pass. You walk back to the door under watchful eyes, the foxes seem friendly but you decide it is best not to disturb them any more.

Creature: F6Ldi F6Ldi
Creature: yvbFz yvbFz
Creature: i5rUr i5rUr
Creature: CUjMn CUjMn
Creature: 8OXX9 8OXX9
Creature: OZcsw OZcsw
Creature: ORCpR ORCpR
Creature: 53NxP 53NxP
Creature: QV7HZ QV7HZ
Creature: hZ7ar hZ7ar
Creature: wfaIr wfaIr
Creature: LKKbM LKKbM
Creature: t1R1P t1R1P
Creature: uRqxc uRqxc
Creature: 13uGE 13uGE
Creature: FImUZ FImUZ
Creature: QBK7h QBK7h
Creature: UkV2Q UkV2Q
Creature: yx3DO yx3DO
Creature: wXbdC wXbdC
Creature: 8rn6E 8rn6E
Creature: 95M1G 95M1G
Creature: EfJS3 EfJS3
Creature: DHsk5 DHsk5
Creature: iogyB iogyB
Creature: 46AzI 46AzI
Creature: jY0gY jY0gY
Creature: EfTbR EfTbR
Creature: Li8eV Li8eV
Creature: c4kcc c4kcc
Creature: K1NdK K1NdK
Creature: UwynO UwynO
Creature: 2rsG9 2rsG9
Creature: 3VkNu 3VkNu
Creature: pO6gW pO6gW
Creature: SE9CX SE9CX
Creature: S7ZjO S7ZjO
Creature: arOBc arOBc
Creature: 06K67 06K67
Creature: Qy1Ge Qy1Ge
Creature: 2GoNf 2GoNf
Creature: 0QERh 0QERh
Creature: Dtf7Z Dtf7Z
Creature: QX2c4 QX2c4
Creature: KJqxa KJqxa
Creature: mkZbc mkZbc
Creature: UchFm UchFm