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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Outpost Hunter's Lab

  • Outpost Hunter has 4881 creatures
  • Joined at 4:54 pm, 29/08/2020
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Jalina 'Outpost' Hunter's lab is a bit disorganized and overrun by Sciuros - her main area of expertise. Feisty, her favourite Sicuro, follows her around and shamelessly begs everyone for fruits and nuts. She loves him deeply, but won't knit him jumpers. Jalina likes to welcome friends and fellow scientists in her lab. As a passionate baker she offers cakes to any visitor. Even if this is not striktly the best pratice for a lab. She serves as a vet for the Outpost.

Creature: chRwm chRwm
Creature: cK3NS cK3NS
Creature: EtKaQ EtKaQ
Creature: H09Md H09Md
Creature: H4nVI H4nVI
Creature: H5J3q H5J3q
Creature: mYGPJ mYGPJ
Creature: Nd4Ep Nd4Ep
Creature: nda5Y nda5Y
Creature: SLbpw SLbpw
Creature: sMtTr sMtTr
Creature: TPvFt TPvFt
Creature: tULwO tULwO
Creature: UcRnE UcRnE
Creature: V6vhP V6vhP
Creature: ybP6a ybP6a
Creature: 7uIAv Snowhite Luna Hunter
Creature: XWUuI XWUuI
Creature: 4yHu8 4yHu8
Creature: bIBYw bIBYw
Creature: cXO9D cXO9D
Creature: fqmqP fqmqP
Creature: gWVbl gWVbl
Creature: i0c9j i0c9j
Creature: jG1vO jG1vO
Creature: KBwmV KBwmV
Creature: kundV kundV
Creature: MJoeF MJoeF
Creature: MTSK8 MTSK8
Creature: QLjfV QLjfV
Creature: WA3oY WA3oY
Creature: WV7qg WV7qg
Creature: Wx4Z1 Wx4Z1
Creature: yrEoO yrEoO
Creature: 0aiV7 0aiV7
Creature: 4dG6c 4dG6c
Creature: NCJiT NCJiT
Creature: 7U5Bk 7U5Bk
Creature: C9nxo C9nxo
Creature: j6ptD j6ptD
Creature: 5CUoH 5CUoH
Creature: 97RY1 97RY1
Creature: ONNeL ONNeL
Creature: yrTm4 yrTm4