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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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As you were walking in the corridor, you couldn't help but notice this odd dark purple door. You are convinced that it wasn't here last time you checked. As your curiosity grows more and more, you decide to knock. The door slowly creaks open. How can metal manage to squeak like that? The room is quite dark, but you can distinguish a silhouette as the neon faintly flashes. Oh well, time to go. You'll definitely have more time to greet this fellow scientist later. Like in. How about never? You sure don't feel like being the protagonist of some kind of horror story after all.

Creature: teXA4 teXA4
Creature: 697PX 697PX
Creature: OpceE OpceE
Creature: SOjRa SOjRa
Creature: yOZIb yOZIb
Creature: 5m6cy 5m6cy
Creature: dTuLf dTuLf
Creature: fsYuY fsYuY
Creature: Qewki Qewki
Creature: i83ED i83ED
Creature: 2tYeD 2tYeD
Creature: WoFaU WoFaU
Creature: 8EBcE 8EBcE
Creature: Cfzrb Cfzrb
Creature: 32fTL 32fTL
Creature: U2qJr U2qJr
Creature: t7BDc t7BDc
Creature: vropU vropU
Creature: PFF0W PFF0W