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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Luxray127's Lab

  • Luxray127 has 895 creatures
  • Joined at 8:26 pm, 27/02/2021
Badge Winter Solstice 2021 (Gold)
Badge Halloween 2021 (Bronze)
Badge Beta Tester

"Welcome to a venue of luxury. Here we take in any species that are found in the cupboard. Although the lab is mostly filled with organisms that have unknown parents, there is a solo being who does have known parents. Challenge yourself to find them if you want. It might be kind of tough considering there are over 800 living beings in this lab. Apart from that, the owner of this lab is quite a particular one. She is fascinated by Japanese culture and admires the way that the names are structured. Everyone in this lab has a name based on this specific format."

Creature: z3dvD z3dvD
Creature: wT0NG wT0NG
Creature: ea1XI ea1XI
Creature: HRQQq HRQQq
Creature: U9WuU U9WuU
Creature: qXpkH qXpkH
Creature: UL53B UL53B
Creature: Ph6nn Ph6nn
Creature: sJ4DA sJ4DA
Creature: ElqgA ElqgA
Creature: 682sP 682sP
Creature: lK6TU lK6TU
Creature: q45e4 q45e4
Creature: TQTCb TQTCb
Creature: OyyIE OyyIE
Creature: EMtc6 EMtc6
Creature: 8auhk 8auhk
Creature: uCB5y uCB5y
Creature: hAmjB hAmjB
Creature: wMNKz wMNKz
Creature: qUQsD qUQsD
Creature: tpGua tpGua
Creature: e4Cy9 e4Cy9
Creature: m2cvP m2cvP
Creature: WWmSC WWmSC
Creature: d91ne d91ne
Creature: U85Q0 U85Q0
Creature: iV2EK iV2EK
Creature: TGSFf TGSFf
Creature: fORFZ fORFZ
Creature: wSzQ1 wSzQ1
Creature: 9VuGe 9VuGe
Creature: clZDI clZDI
Creature: QVC9G QVC9G
Creature: H3mGc H3mGc
Creature: mjpTU mjpTU
Creature: UWg6u UWg6u
Creature: qJHzx qJHzx
Creature: o3Xen o3Xen
Creature: OSaiA OSaiA
Creature: O4XIQ O4XIQ
Creature: 14M6u 14M6u
Creature: Duoe4 Duoe4
Creature: MNWyo MNWyo
Creature: ZkwUg ZkwUg
Creature: 8YT0B 8YT0B
Creature: FZt44 FZt44
Creature: CnrDf CnrDf
Creature: hmyNl hmyNl
Creature: rDhpt rDhpt