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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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InugamiChi's Lab

  • InugamiChi has 236 creatures
  • Joined at 5:22 pm, 02/08/2023
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Every scientist has their own lab where they can raise and study creatures, and this space is InugamiChi's own private paradise. Take a moment to look around the room and get familiar with all the equipment found within this spacious, white-walled room. There are housing units against the far wall for the captured and bred creatures. The computer system is a state-of-the-art design, capable of handling all of the data gathered from scientific studies. An entire counter of various scientific instruments, from microscopes to centrifuges and more, guarantees the scientist can run any test they like on the genetic material they collect. The mission is to conduct experiments and breeding programs in the effort to evolve different species to their strongest possible forms.

Creature: ho0IG ho0IG
Creature: ELMxp ELMxp
Creature: AVpA2 AVpA2
Creature: cnR1t cnR1t
Creature: 70f69 70f69
Creature: kX5mp kX5mp
Creature: sG1Hr sG1Hr
Creature: up1cs up1cs
Creature: mOJYw mOJYw
Creature: KWGUl KWGUl
Creature: ubefB ubefB
Creature: JmtZ8 JmtZ8
Creature: cjpnb cjpnb
Creature: cmfEk cmfEk
Creature: iXGgD iXGgD
Creature: iNHD8 iNHD8
Creature: Cq4Ds Cq4Ds
Creature: G04cD G04cD
Creature: Iif72 Iif72
Creature: vcuci vcuci
Creature: kDCyt kDCyt
Creature: Y64o2 Y64o2
Creature: vdcJT vdcJT
Creature: VW6hq VW6hq
Creature: rTNsI rTNsI
Creature: wfzMq wfzMq
Creature: bPWxj bPWxj
Creature: jmm1y jmm1y
Creature: QMTIi QMTIi
Creature: A2Vgf A2Vgf
Creature: zLgnV zLgnV
Creature: W6eK6 W6eK6
Creature: 5GJds 5GJds
Creature: MoU1Y MoU1Y
Creature: bfw8m bfw8m
Creature: Ibr4M Ibr4M
Creature: lWEgq lWEgq
Creature: 84TQV 84TQV
Creature: A1Mla A1Mla
Creature: UO8uE UO8uE
Creature: 5BYRx 5BYRx
Creature: mB2Rt mB2Rt
Creature: 8zBAd 8zBAd
Creature: EF60q EF60q
Creature: cXIuV cXIuV
Creature: IPlGJ IPlGJ
Creature: QdeUi QdeUi
Creature: JSnVn JSnVn
Creature: 0AhuK 0AhuK
Creature: FdwbK FdwbK