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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Halo--Cat's Lab

  • Halo--Cat has 2640 creatures
  • Joined at 5:15 am, 17/06/2020
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Upon coming to the doors of this particular lab, you see a sign. It reads 'Please knock first , Halo.' Of course, you do, and are greeted by the owner, Halo. She asks you to make sure not to track anything inside, but are permitted entry. A long hall is ahead of you, with many doors and windows. Each called a sector with a number following it, and then the actual name. Through the windows you can see creatures Halo's raised in specified enviornments or their species, from an interior lake, to foliage filled aviaries. "Feel free to look around" Halo says to you, and gets back to writing.

Creature: IaSV0 Sylvia
Creature: 2Wlfh 2Wlfh
Creature: seHia seHia
Creature: bL9G6 bL9G6
Creature: bxQzH bxQzH
Creature: jQNNE jQNNE
Creature: FlkVX FlkVX
Creature: 1rC4o 1rC4o
Creature: es05Y es05Y
Creature: N09vg N09vg
Creature: AwfVl AwfVl
Creature: uSd9z uSd9z
Creature: ox2Z5 ox2Z5
Creature: vdJ93 vdJ93
Creature: A1Rg1 A1Rg1
Creature: sLMtP sLMtP
Creature: bXVR9 bXVR9
Creature: FvMYE FvMYE
Creature: zoUfM zoUfM
Creature: HAMgM HAMgM
Creature: C3EyR C3EyR
Creature: YhEYW YhEYW
Creature: TviDC TviDC
Creature: a4IMM a4IMM
Creature: 7YoRZ 7YoRZ
Creature: mpGiT mpGiT
Creature: LGOjJ LGOjJ
Creature: kOFn0 kOFn0
Creature: B9YQO B9YQO
Creature: 9Lodm 9Lodm
Creature: xQB02 xQB02
Creature: AWJu8 AWJu8
Creature: e4MGO e4MGO
Creature: rM9qZ rM9qZ
Creature: o0wd3 o0wd3
Creature: hQ2Zp hQ2Zp
Creature: bGcni bGcni
Creature: yNkbI yNkbI
Creature: mjvUb mjvUb
Creature: Qajlf Qajlf
Creature: uInFT uInFT
Creature: e3iEk e3iEk
Creature: zzhpk zzhpk
Creature: e5QkJ e5QkJ
Creature: XJst7 XJst7
Creature: m4pyT m4pyT
Creature: Kh4mA Kh4mA
Creature: HwfpC HwfpC
Creature: SRJpI SRJpI
Creature: Kt0i8 Kt0i8