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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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CoconutJoe's Lab

  • CoconutJoe has 133 creatures
  • Joined at 7:22 pm, 13/02/2021
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As you navigate the miscellaneous keepsakes and messily-written notes strewn across the lab -- which, honestly, looks as though it was ravaged by a flock of Sciuro -- various specimen approach you out of curiosity, sniffing your shoes and nudging your pockets in hopes of getting snacks. The glint of their small, lovingly crafted name tags catches your eye, and you kneel down to get a closer look. "Stinky", says one. Another, whose owner you recognize as Joe's beloved Naganto, reads "Fish Sticks". You sigh. While it's no lie that Joe is great with handling specimens, they're terrible at names.

Creature: C9T3n Dijon Mustard
Creature: fDOwr Comet
Creature: 378GV 378GV
Creature: CFGYM Dingodile
Creature: IgFE4 Scarf
Creature: Jtiqe Jtiqe
Creature: nTpgc nTpgc
Creature: qYGtQ Pencil
Creature: vvU7u Purple
Creature: Xq7Uo Warrior Cats
Creature: xelp9 xelp9
Creature: xo5ah xo5ah
Creature: 7wjMY 7wjMY
Creature: h636Z Mothman
Creature: ijzUO ijzUO
Creature: J1AXF Revelations Persona
Creature: ngztL ngztL
Creature: Q8e7P Bingo Stamp
Creature: trdsG trdsG
Creature: YJ2tI YJ2tI
Creature: 1VddV 1VddV
Creature: 5R9KB 5R9KB
Creature: 7cZWa 7cZWa
Creature: ANvUu ANvUu
Creature: e3BbE e3BbE
Creature: fWZTU fWZTU
Creature: gBHXM gBHXM
Creature: hldqG hldqG
Creature: kKiFJ kKiFJ
Creature: ndDcO ndDcO
Creature: Z1cjw Z1cjw
Creature: BKUdm BKUdm
Creature: D8ngN Sardine
Creature: NLZio Blueberry Jelly
Creature: sCCTj Strawberry Jam
Creature: cdg8d Bongos
Creature: cgxhX Squeaks
Creature: PJy7z PJy7z
Creature: 2opiC 2opiC
Creature: 4DolU Beanbag Chair
Creature: dc6Dc Good Boy
Creature: EC9j1 EC9j1
Creature: ILDb4 Toasted Marshmallow
Creature: T7ciN T7ciN
Creature: i4Xud i4Xud
Creature: Ji1Kq Long Horse
Creature: Lsuzx A Good Horsie
Creature: 0bohG 0bohG
Creature: 1jOUz Mountain Dew Major Melon
Creature: 4GA21 Lemon Lime Soda