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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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BlueLatios's Lab

  • BlueLatios has 4772 creatures
  • Joined at 1:34 pm, 05/03/2020
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Behind the odd wooden door situated in the far corner of the outpost lies what seemed to be a repurposed storage room. You notice a young man in black coat sitting in front of the lab computer, using an unofficial creature management program "LATI". Without turning his head, he explains to you that he's researching rare genes, and takes care of a lot of creatures for that goal. His funds go to the maintenance of the subsections of the room, each nesting a group of creatures with the suitable environment and props. The Saltanta subsection is the largest, going there alone is discouraged.

Creature: hHKJX hHKJX
Creature: O5eJn O5eJn
Creature: OvYhB OvYhB
Creature: t5JOt t5JOt
Creature: W32Ar W32Ar
Creature: BF3Qu BF3Qu
Creature: Kh7Ss Kh7Ss
Creature: LPmaB LPmaB
Creature: ZCVfu ZCVfu
Creature: HFI91 HFI91
Creature: Ph322 Phett
Creature: ZenLN ZenLN
Creature: WBfli WBfli
Creature: wOvZC wOvZC
Creature: yg5Co yg5Co
Creature: Abeow Goldhelm P0
Creature: 5IXba 5IXba
Creature: 2A0gb 2A0gb
Creature: izhMN izhMN
Creature: vBaND vBaND
Creature: ako1n ako1n
Creature: YxvCb Atlas
Creature: yuvSS yuvSS
Creature: 34GFO 34GFO
Creature: 4F5Qf Affof
Creature: 4tGc0 4tGc0
Creature: Kh8Cn Kh8Cn
Creature: KiMhY KiMhY
Creature: QWuFC QWuFC
Creature: TVkXH TVkXH
Creature: Ay2QP Ay2QP
Creature: HlLZ1 HlLZ1
Creature: vQtC3 vQtC3
Creature: XMKpr XMKpr
Creature: YSnv9 YSnv9
Creature: 88lfQ 88lfQ
Creature: GpmO0 GpmO0
Creature: X0Z6v X0Z6v
Creature: fI6BY fI6BY
Creature: P2J8j Petaja
Creature: 1yeS2 1yeS2
Creature: 2qL7I 2qL7I
Creature: 3hi48 3hi48
Creature: 3Z2b3 3Z2b3
Creature: FW8gh Fweigh
Creature: hSM2k hSM2k
Creature: 7JLGf 7JLGf
Creature: caMYV caMYV
Creature: km2t1 km2t1
Creature: RK5ga RK5ga