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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Banhana's Lab

  • Banhana has 749 creatures
  • Joined at 8:51 am, 30/11/2020
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Dr. Banhana specializes in breeding and studying Vira Bekos, although you may find also other species in his lab. He is known for taking any unwanted Bekos to his lab, or "under his wing" as he would say. The doctor has decorated his lab very much like the birds he has dedicated most of his research to would have, the walls and every non crucial table and shelf space is occupied by all kinds of colorful and shiny objects. The cleaning bots have had to be reprogrammed not to mistake his treasures for trash.

Creature: DprhU DprhU
Creature: 3m3tf 3m3tf
Creature: jNRFe jNRFe
Creature: 0A6tf 0A6tf
Creature: SPrV1 SPrV1
Creature: 2WAw4 2WAw4
Creature: Vd3h8 Vd3h8
Creature: pXLyb pXLyb
Creature: vYNpa vYNpa
Creature: kzIe2 kzIe2
Creature: pzzsw pzzsw
Creature: 71NZS 71NZS
Creature: ZXe5r ZXe5r
Creature: q48gs q48gs
Creature: L3Yjh L3Yjh
Creature: 2370m 2370m
Creature: jXKE1 jXKE1
Creature: hyEvS hyEvS
Creature: qXAqr qXAqr
Creature: x1tnO x1tnO
Creature: NFMy3 NFMy3
Creature: LBtaA LBtaA
Creature: zSxqi zSxqi
Creature: 7FKEt 7FKEt
Creature: CENoI CENoI
Creature: tEqKs tEqKs
Creature: otC83 otC83
Creature: nIUpE nIUpE
Creature: PWoOU PWoOU
Creature: ZjjCD ZjjCD
Creature: OgFRc OgFRc
Creature: ZEoXQ ZEoXQ
Creature: guKKc guKKc
Creature: iwTwo iwTwo
Creature: AOlie AOlie
Creature: 1N4Fz 1N4Fz
Creature: pXcY5 pXcY5
Creature: iqZwi iqZwi
Creature: grEsG grEsG
Creature: UrT9h UrT9h
Creature: z2Sli z2Sli
Creature: lZqow lZqow
Creature: wFUgP wFUgP
Creature: wJinY wJinY
Creature: 2H5gD 2H5gD
Creature: nMbE0 nMbE0
Creature: d37i4 d37i4
Creature: YgRTe YgRTe
Creature: 9P19Z 9P19Z
Creature: EWC48 EWC48