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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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You approach a blank metal door in its default colours, adorned only by minor scratches. You would have thought the room uninhabited, if it were not for the directions you hold clearly stating this to be where... the doctor kept her research. There was not even a nameplate. After triple checking, you knock on it, which opens with the passing of a few seconds. "Yes?" The doctor, you assume, stands in the doorway with a blank expression. You ask for what was needed and she disappears from view, allowing you to peer inside momentarily and see stacks of paper and books on every visible surface.

Creature: WonIs WonIs
Creature: yuvdY yuvdY
Creature: VbDE2 VbDE2
Creature: cxaoW cxaoW
Creature: JKOt9 JKOt9
Creature: nSR1O nSR1O
Creature: hwwGc hwwGc
Creature: 1LOl1 1LOl1
Creature: JP4ER JP4ER
Creature: 2U7Wq 2U7Wq
Creature: 2V9bj 2V9bj
Creature: 64N45 64N45
Creature: 78mxn 78mxn
Creature: amT4D amT4D
Creature: CR666 CR666
Creature: c4uDo c4uDo
Creature: d3Xps d3Xps
Creature: h4hR1 h4hR1
Creature: mbKlF mbKlF
Creature: oKUGS oKUGS
Creature: P9zWr P9zWr
Creature: rJ3wd rJ3wd
Creature: tbsHb tbsHb
Creature: UHjIl UHjIl
Creature: WZXcz WZXcz
Creature: yEnxh yEnxh
Creature: yQveV yQveV
Creature: zRfhx zRfhx
Creature: 134Ch 134Ch
Creature: 151Hp 151Hp
Creature: AYn0u AYn0u
Creature: a76ME a76ME
Creature: bA4J7 bA4J7
Creature: bID9V bID9V
Creature: bPDJS bPDJS
Creature: FG5mI FG5mI
Creature: f98EW f98EW
Creature: gKi94 gKi94
Creature: Ht6gq Ht6gq