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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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You approach a blank metal door in its default colours, adorned only by minor scratches. You would have thought the room uninhabited, if it were not for the directions you hold clearly stating this to be where... the doctor kept her research. There was not even a nameplate. After triple checking, you knock on it, which opens with the passing of a few seconds. "Yes?" The doctor, you assume, stands in the doorway with a blank expression. You ask for what was needed and she disappears from view, allowing you to peer inside momentarily and see stacks of paper and books on every visible surface.

Creature: 56pQU 56pQU
Creature: 6bmzS 6bmzS
Creature: aG7tc aG7tc
Creature: avgpK avgpK
Creature: izHzS izHzS
Creature: nIRPa nIRPa
Creature: OpU7o OpU7o
Creature: ox3GO ox3GO
Creature: qSWdy qSWdy
Creature: Rrtr8 Rrtr8
Creature: 2UNaX 2UNaX
Creature: 5v5UC 5v5UC
Creature: 6Caft 6Caft
Creature: 6PajM 6PajM
Creature: 8uqM7 8uqM7
Creature: dBerD dBerD
Creature: dFMKV dFMKV
Creature: F5PXM F5PXM
Creature: ILAgG ILAgG
Creature: lC3xT lC3xT
Creature: nOQCC nOQCC
Creature: Ry5KM Ry5KM
Creature: wHCKq wHCKq
Creature: 6bBHF 6bBHF
Creature: 72UZV 72UZV
Creature: BsDyj BsDyj
Creature: bj3aB bj3aB
Creature: bLaoH bLaoH
Creature: cmQX1 cmQX1
Creature: Gkvn5 Gkvn5
Creature: n5Om3 n5Om3
Creature: nvwDu nvwDu
Creature: oGfIy oGfIy
Creature: pGtLB pGtLB
Creature: Td6Jd Td6Jd
Creature: WPVsj WPVsj
Creature: 8r2R7 8r2R7
Creature: ecP43 ecP43
Creature: FS8oh FS8oh
Creature: fBoTm fBoTm
Creature: H5vNO H5vNO