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Creature: vzrUa
Name: vzrUa
Breed: Furioza Vizago
Gender: Male
Owner: Lunch
Age: 9 months
Views: 35
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Unknown Pedigree
Happiness: 71
Hardiness: 18
Appearance: 2
Obtained: 4:08 pm, 15/10/2023Emerged: 4:47 pm, 16/10/2023Matured: 2:06 am, 18/10/2023

Combative and territorial in nature, the nocturnal Furioza Vizago is notable for its highly structured social behavior. These feathered quadrupeds form familial prides headed by a dominant hen and a small group of loyal males who spend their days defending their home turf from other prides or, during the mating season, helping the matriarch build nests and rear chicks. The rest of the pride consists of multiple clusters of subordinate hens, with each cluster periodically breaking off from the larger group to hunt. Using their silent flight and especially keen hearing to triangulate the movement of prey, Furioza Vizago hunting groups are able to carry out precision ambushes in which they circle the sky and perform coordinated dive-bomb attacks, thus allowing a group of hens to take down mammals that are much larger or more nimble than themselves. After landing on the ground, a Furioza Vizago will fan out its patterned plumage in hopes of stunning prey into immobility before striking with its lethal beak and knifelike talons.

The creatures that dwell in this rather desolate world still display some diversity in appearance, eating habits, and social behavior. Whether they have fur or feathers, skin or scales, their unique genetic makeup allows for a variety of colors and markings within each species. Despite limitations in food sources, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores are all present in the food chain, and each species requires specialized care within a laboratory. Although the artificial setting of housing units and breeding pods precludes most opportunities to study true interspecific behavior, the interactions within and between species has been studied extensively in the wilderness by scientists daring enough to venture beyond the outpost’s walls.

Art by: RWyvern,schenanigans. Descriptions by: cabuso.