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Creature: ezjVK
Name: ezjVK
Breed: Frida Fisisto
Gender: Female
Owner: Buttercup
Age: 1 day, 10 hours
Views: 8
Mother: TC3go
Father: yM5am
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Happiness: 26
Hardiness: 57
Appearance: 8
Obtained: 8:35 am, 11/06/2021Emerged: 9:52 am, 12/06/2021Matured: Unknown
Genetics: Unknown

Covered in a dense layer of soft down, this juvenile makes high-pitched peeping sounds every time it spots its caretaker. It can often be spotted eagerly exploring its immediate surroundings, so long as its parents or other chicks are nearby. However, it tends to shy away from heights and will crouch and chirp frantically if pushed close to the edge of such a drop.

Art by: Virida. Descriptions by: rosastrasza, Shark.