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By viewing this creature, you have leveled up its happiness +2 points.

Viewing Shadow Rat

Creature: TsnBZ
Name: Shadow Rat
Breed: Imsanga Afero
Gender: Female
Owner: dustpuppy
Age: 2 years
Views: 102
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Unknown Pedigree
Happiness: 246
Hardiness: 84
Appearance: 14
Obtained: 8:01 am, 07/04/2022Emerged: 2:30 pm, 08/04/2022Matured: 7:18 pm, 10/04/2022
Genetics: Outcome:AABbCc

Although the uniquely variable phenotypes of Imsanga Aferos are due to their highly mutative DNA, these lab-created creatures show complete stability by the time they are fully grown and appear capable of living long and healthy lives in a laboratory setting. It is not yet clear what their intended purpose was, as they are totally sterile and cannot reproduce, but in spite of this, many Outpost One researchers have begun to work with the new creature following the introduction of its capsule to the genome splicer. Imsanga Aferos are quite docile and easily handled, though their dietary needs require a bit of extra work. As they will only eat a soft, vegetable-based food source, researchers planning to study these creatures at length should consider investing in a blender with which to prepare fresh meals for the Imsanga Aferos in their care.

The creatures that dwell in this rather desolate world still display some diversity in appearance, eating habits, and social behavior. Whether they have fur or feathers, skin or scales, their unique genetic makeup allows for a variety of colors and markings within each species. Despite limitations in food sources, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores are all present in the food chain, and each species requires specialized care within a laboratory. Although the artificial setting of housing units and breeding pods precludes most opportunities to study true interspecific behavior, the interactions within and between species has been studied extensively in the wilderness by scientists daring enough to venture beyond the outpost’s walls.

Art by: Malcorium, schenanigans, Virida. Descriptions by: Shark.