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By viewing this creature, you have leveled up its happiness +3 points and its hardiness +4 points.

Viewing EYLBl

Creature: EYLBl
Name: EYLBl
Breed: Saltanta
Gender: Female
Owner: Buttercup
Age: 1 day, 21 hours
Views: 12
Mother: s7Pp1
Father: U3hNE
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Happiness: 51
Hardiness: 13
Appearance: 2
Obtained: 9:30 pm, 10/06/2021Emerged: 3:54 am, 12/06/2021Matured: Unknown
Genetics: Unknown

Though its head almost appears too big for its body, this young juvenile is quite energetic. It spends every waking moment exploring its surroundings. Sometimes its curvy, developing horns will get tangled in something, but the creature uses its powerful neck muscles to twist and pull until they come free. Its spotted coat has a coarse feel to it, though the bushy tip of its tail is surprisingly soft. If startled, it will lash its tail and let out a surprisingly deep growl.

Art by: Dohaerys. Descriptions by: Shark.