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Viewing B3BZO

Creature: B3BZO
Name: B3BZO
Breed: Tagalo
Gender: Female
Owner: koishibuh
Age: Stunted
Views: 5
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Unknown Pedigree
Happiness: 21
Hardiness: 17
Appearance: 7
Obtained: 3:44 pm, 13/04/2024Emerged: 8:44 pm, 14/04/2024Matured: Unknown
Genetics: Unknown

The small, lithe body of this young reptile bears distinct markings, although you are not sure yet if the stripes will fade as it grows older. It spends much of its time curled up near sources of warmth. When handled, it is generally docile, but slow and steady movements are recommended. If provoked or startled, it may lash out with sharp, needle-like fangs.

Art by: Corteo. Descriptions by: Shark.