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Viewing Robin

Creature: AZhYi
Name: Robin
Breed: Frida Fisisto
Gender: Male
Owner: Lunch
Age: 3 years
Views: 66
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Unknown Pedigree
Happiness: 136
Hardiness: 51
Appearance: 7
Obtained: 2:39 pm, 09/01/2021Emerged: 11:34 am, 10/01/2021Matured: 10:04 am, 12/01/2021

Frida Fisistos seek out small, naturally formed caves in seaside cliffs in which to nest. Small groups live together and are very territorial about their home; they will chase off other birds with loud warning squawks that sound very different from their normal rattling calls. Their choice in abode is a practical one—due to their body shape, height is necessary to become airborne. After launching themselves into the air, Frida Fisistos flap rapidly until they begin to hover. They remain hovering for a short time as they adjust their position over the water before tilting into a steep dive. Frida Fisistos can reach depths of up to eighty meters and remain underwater for several minutes at a time, using their wings for propulsion. Their main source of food is fish, which are caught and swallowed whole. During the breeding season, parents will regurgitate part of their meal to feed to their chicks. Frida Fisistos are mostly monogamous, and nests generally consist of two to three breeding pairs and their youngest offspring.

The creatures that dwell in this rather desolate world still display some diversity in appearance, eating habits, and social behavior. Whether they have fur or feathers, skin or scales, their unique genetic makeup allows for a variety of colors and markings within each species. Despite limitations in food sources, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores are all present in the food chain, and each species requires specialized care within a laboratory. Although the artificial setting of housing units and breeding pods precludes most opportunities to study true interspecific behavior, the interactions within and between species has been studied extensively in the wilderness by scientists daring enough to venture beyond the outpost’s walls.

Art by: Virida. Descriptions by: rosastrasza, Shark.