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Viewing Crimson Vale

Creature: 9B2th
Name: Crimson Vale
Breed: Kosmira Girafo
Gender: Female
Owner: schenanigans
Age: Stunted
Views: 125
Happiness: 473
Hardiness: 362
Appearance: 4
Obtained: 5:49 am, 22/08/2020Emerged: 10:22 am, 23/08/2020Matured: Unknown
Genetics: Unknown

In stark contrast to the light green embryo it developed from, this rather gangly creature has dark fur with faintly brighter markings. Even more remarkable are its six appendages, two of which seem less developed and are held close to the chest. Small horns grace its brow, and the juvenile has an annoying habit of slamming its head—and back hooves—into things.

Creature Notes

  • This juvenile's genes have already been recorded as an Adult
  • Juvenile has been stunted for additional record keeping and genome studies
  • Juvenile exhibits the following genome sequence: AaBb Aabb aaBB
Art by: Dohaerys. Descriptions by: Shark.