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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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The brown and blue paisley patterned door is oddly peaceful to gaze at, but does not at all prepare you for the chaos behind it. A mess of paperwork and sketches are scattered about on a half broken desk, and it's a wonder anything can be found in the pile. On the far wall is a corkboard decorated with photos and notes of various Kosmira Girafos, linked haphazardly with colorful strings of yarn - obviously some type of project, though to an unfamiliar eye it is almost impossible to tell what the end goal could be. An orange Tagalo watches you intently from beneath a blanket in the corner.

Creature: 3ORHC 3ORHC
Creature: 3tTff 3tTff
Creature: 85U4j 85U4j
Creature: 8zZfm 8zZfm
Creature: 9DqJ8 9DqJ8
Creature: AHlfU AHlfU
Creature: AQkpe AQkpe
Creature: CsZ2Q CsZ2Q
Creature: CX54r CX54r
Creature: fVEk3 fVEk3
Creature: lDRNd lDRNd
Creature: mclpP mclpP
Creature: oKXRP oKXRP
Creature: PSTB9 PSTB9
Creature: QSAPg QSAPg
Creature: RxJTQ RxJTQ
Creature: tzSwI tzSwI
Creature: Um3Ik Um3Ik
Creature: xlSXb xlSXb
Creature: ymSFl ymSFl
Creature: 11pHe 11pHe
Creature: 1RCtH 1RCtH
Creature: 7cD5E 7cD5E
Creature: 8GkNI 8GkNI
Creature: ALwjV ALwjV
Creature: BSsAq BSsAq
Creature: DhHBS DhHBS
Creature: ESo2m ESo2m
Creature: GxHjC GxHjC
Creature: gQhb1 gQhb1
Creature: HST2q HST2q
Creature: Ixpa8 Ixpa8
Creature: iK7ap iK7ap
Creature: KSgOL KSgOL
Creature: lDSRY lDSRY
Creature: OIqqh OIqqh
Creature: QIhPh QIhPh
Creature: rwv6H rwv6H
Creature: T9sYZ T9sYZ
Creature: TK9Ze TK9Ze
Creature: Uxx2E Uxx2E