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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Zoraya's Lab

  • Zoraya has 681 creatures
  • Joined at 6:15 pm, 19/06/2022
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You step inside Dr. Zoraya's lab. The interior of the laboratory feels much different compared to outside which is a wide field where a great number of Ebena Kuranto and Kosmira Girafo are seen roaming. Inside, you notice multiple incubators, and a black table in the middle of the lab with used test tubes and scattered lab reports. Making your way to the furthest part of the lab, you see the doctor whom you wished to see. Dr. Zoraya is . . . asleep? You walk over to the doctor. Suddenly, she wakes up, "Oh my! I apologize, I completely forgot! I'll have those capsules ready for you."

Creature: Pf5VU Pf5VU
Creature: pbgCD pbgCD
Creature: UlmOQ UlmOQ
Creature: zLzmC zLzmC
Creature: GjFlF GjFlF
Creature: 8wvyE 8wvyE
Creature: kNTqY kNTqY
Creature: K1JOA K1JOA
Creature: s2ou5 s2ou5
Creature: EBKzQ EBKzQ
Creature: s6eyc s6eyc
Creature: y1vAL y1vAL
Creature: BqcdC BqcdC
Creature: Zm4RL Zm4RL
Creature: EUN5L EUN5L
Creature: vORJ9 vORJ9
Creature: EclON EclON
Creature: WNjtY WNjtY
Creature: Gu7ph Gu7ph
Creature: tjGJ6 tjGJ6
Creature: q4K96 q4K96
Creature: VA27K VA27K