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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Shark's Lab

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  • Joined at 5:28 pm, 17/03/2020
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The only thing marking the dark blue lab door are silver numbers spelling out "42." When you knock, a frazzled woman with gold-rimmed glasses and a long brown ponytail answers. She welcomes you inside with a smile, and you step into a pale blue room filled with aquarium housing units. Nagantos are apparently a favorite of hers. A few pointed snouts peek out of a larger housing unit--her Alsaltos seem curious about you too. Papers and notebooks sprawl across the counter, but the glass-door cabinets above are neatly organized and contain everything from scientific equipment to jars of treats.

Creature: 1TQXO Song of the Kraken
Creature: 2jIR3 Chant of Cthun
Creature: 6B2ot Song of Cthun
Creature: 8jhfR Blood of the Kraken
Creature: BSDLc Call of Cthulhu
Creature: CXOLo Cry of the Kraken
Creature: fxapC Blood of Cthun
Creature: GwANE GwANE
Creature: I6UVR Rise of the Kraken
Creature: K6Gu5 Voice of the Kraken
Creature: TjjMr Words of Cthun
Creature: XppD9 Cry of Cthun
Creature: ZryKj Blood of Cthulhu
Creature: 1f9ST Call of Cthun
Creature: 1fUIc Rise of Cthulhu
Creature: 3seye 3seye
Creature: 7JDju Roar of the Kraken
Creature: CEZcE Cry of Cthulhu
Creature: fxvZj Roar of Cthun
Creature: HwshT Voice of Cthun
Creature: irEGR irEGR
Creature: JsZEV Voice of Cthulhu
Creature: M9R6x Song of Cthulhu
Creature: ncmAn ncmAn
Creature: TEaaG TEaaG
Creature: Vtz6E Call of the Kraken
Creature: xOE8f Rise of Cthun
Creature: ARiAT ARiAT
Creature: ptxLu Bambi's Mother
Creature: Uz93m Faline
Creature: 62822 62822
Creature: cUpzq cUpzq
Creature: MrP6O Shadow Walker
Creature: VIg6g Snowfall Catz
Creature: viCiQ viCiQ
Creature: YWOrd YWOrd
Creature: liana liana
Creature: 1A1uI Leaping Shadows
Creature: 2Uqem Pouncing Sapphire
Creature: 4BtqP Golden Floaf
Creature: 8KvJl Nine-tailed Floaf
Creature: aC3Z7 Ace in the Snow
Creature: aGr7U Leap of Faith
Creature: D9SP2 Snowisle
Creature: DYuEr Sunny Floaf
Creature: i2yhY Snowgothic
Creature: j6GDy Snowpelt
Creature: pHrWJ Snowleap
Creature: qKIUm Snowkarp
Creature: wQqJm Leaping Floaf