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Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Shark's Lab

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  • Joined at 5:28 pm, 17/03/2020
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The only thing marking the dark blue lab door are silver numbers spelling out "42." When you knock, a frazzled woman with gold-rimmed glasses and a long brown ponytail answers. She welcomes you inside with a smile, and you step into a pale blue room filled with aquarium housing units. Nagantos are apparently a favorite of hers. A few pointed snouts peek out of a larger housing unit--her Alsaltos seem curious about you too. Papers and notebooks sprawl across the counter, but the glass-door cabinets above are neatly organized and contain everything from scientific equipment to jars of treats.

Creature: 1H4Z1 Sister Violet-Wing
Creature: 4sTVb Sister Cerulean-Tail
Creature: 8adDx Alpha of Deep Twilight
Creature: CCVnx Sister Violet-Throat
Creature: dznZP Alpha of Lavender Sand
Creature: IAvaS IAvaS
Creature: InK6n InK6n
Creature: kW5h6 Alpha of Blue Skies
Creature: PuNIt PuNIt
Creature: SU5gg Sister Poppy-Throat
Creature: WdWK5 Sister Violet-Tail
Creature: WgKNp Sister Ivory-Wings
Creature: wFiCq Sister Sky-Throat
Creature: XLKoI XLKoI
Creature: 3WI8t Alpha of Pale Lavender
Creature: BgbIn Brother Blue-Tail
Creature: elKQJ elKQJ
Creature: H9MeS Brother Violet-Throat
Creature: i54TX Alpha of Dark Gold
Creature: jVday jVday
Creature: OdJBI Blue-Tailed Snowflake
Creature: rtuhC Brother Gold-Wing
Creature: wATyL Brother Moonlit-Niight
Creature: 18E1E Iridescent Diver
Creature: 46OqZ Rosy Sunrise
Creature: 5pNke Deep Ocean Fisher
Creature: axMjJ Diving Iridescence
Creature: aZ8gj Dark Iridescence
Creature: fiXTl fiXTl
Creature: gbTNn Dark Sunrise
Creature: HfEOC Rising Sunrise
Creature: IED8D Dark Sun
Creature: jrVFt Raspberry Sky
Creature: KXa9l Solstice Fisher
Creature: mcWVV Rosy Iridescence
Creature: NbLOW NbLOW
Creature: QygJJ Coastal Swimmer
Creature: suerO Diving Sunrise
Creature: supsv supsv
Creature: szvzO Iridescent Swimmer
Creature: tFRbV Gothic Diver
Creature: u7oGQ Coastal Sunrise
Creature: V1NfF Raspberry Darkness
Creature: vGtkC Krazy Diver
Creature: vxAV5 Solstice Swimmer
Creature: ymXmv Dark Diver
Creature: zPwVx Petra Pan
Creature: zU882 Zooming Diver
Creature: 1iCkd Licked Fisher
Creature: 92Szh Chaos King