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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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  • Joined at 5:28 pm, 17/03/2020
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The only thing marking the dark blue lab door are silver numbers spelling out "42." When you knock, a frazzled woman with gold-rimmed glasses and a long brown ponytail answers. She welcomes you inside with a smile, and you step into a pale blue room filled with aquarium housing units. Nagantos are apparently a favorite of hers. A few pointed snouts peek out of a larger housing unit--her Alsaltos seem curious about you too. Papers and notebooks sprawl across the counter, but the glass-door cabinets above are neatly organized and contain everything from scientific equipment to jars of treats.

Creature: oLq8y oLq8y
Creature: QvDwJ QvDwJ
Creature: 3kcNJ 3kcNJ
Creature: 3NXRX 3NXRX
Creature: Ae5ip Ae5ip
Creature: Ob9Y5 Ob9Y5
Creature: 5avjM 5avjM
Creature: 5LXsZ 5LXsZ
Creature: dcrHU dcrHU
Creature: N2sxe N2sxe
Creature: c37YB c37YB
Creature: QHmKI QHmKI
Creature: DY6Tr DY6Tr
Creature: sMFRE sMFRE
Creature: lwyEt lwyEt
Creature: qPuNH qPuNH
Creature: carvW carvW
Creature: CIlxa CIlxa
Creature: MXs7Q MXs7Q
Creature: fQN6X fQN6X
Creature: O2RHf O2RHf
Creature: o2ZOG o2ZOG
Creature: qqofB qqofB
Creature: sdENd sdENd
Creature: HzzFo HzzFo
Creature: Qo6jd Qo6jd
Creature: rrt39 rrt39
Creature: tibgT tibgT
Creature: UrHvs UrHvs
Creature: uYRIc uYRIc
Creature: v4G32 v4G32
Creature: ZTvGL ZTvGL
Creature: 1XyOF 1XyOF
Creature: 2kqBh 2kqBh
Creature: 3JzQT 3JzQT
Creature: 4l15N 4l15N
Creature: 4NsMu 4NsMu
Creature: 4o5gZ 4o5gZ
Creature: 68HkD 68HkD
Creature: 6c99D 6c99D
Creature: 6hqH9 6hqH9
Creature: ACwkI ACwkI
Creature: AsXq2 AsXq2
Creature: aUBUv aUBUv
Creature: bQoOO bQoOO
Creature: CSMYy CSMYy
Creature: c1SPf c1SPf
Creature: cdEMu cdEMu
Creature: DhoeS DhoeS
Creature: EulD6 EulD6