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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Chaosdawn's Lab

  • Chaosdawn has 897 creatures
  • Joined at 11:27 am, 04/06/2020
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Every scientist has their own lab where they can raise and study creatures, and this space is Chaosdawn's own private paradise. Take a moment to look around the room and get familiar with all the equipment found within this spacious, white-walled room. There are housing units against the far wall for the captured and bred creatures. The computer system is a state-of-the-art design, capable of handling all of the data gathered from scientific studies. An entire counter of various scientific instruments, from microscopes to centrifuges and more, guarantees the scientist can run any test they like on the genetic material they collect. The mission is to conduct experiments and breeding programs in the effort to evolve different species to their strongest possible forms.

Creature: AyPnY Malachite i
Creature: DFqS2 Charles i
Creature: jIGxf Rurena i
Creature: cCuDo Cudo i
Creature: CQ2Pg Thibris i
Creature: scjoe Kukana i
Creature: DKXvp Tharrena i
Creature: V9wI1 Vewli ii
Creature: H4cvL Hacvel iii
Creature: YIxLZ Brektia iii
Creature: lj9Ll Gheella ii
Creature: xZGYC Oteus i
Creature: vmtxq Xaxros ii
Creature: C21LH Qheton ii
Creature: Psc4T Pascat i
Creature: cxfuu Cefee i
Creature: Aavor Aavor
Creature: Na214 Nazia ii
Creature: QesSq Qess i
Creature: PvyAw Pavya i
Creature: FOQIf Trabella iii
Creature: vZEkt Vizekt i
Creature: uC6fJ Jack i
Creature: V7A1R Vovair i
Creature: jOiik Victoria i
Creature: FO9ks Foeks i
Creature: QiHJG Quenya i
Creature: SpOmU Spumoni i
Creature: Tngwl Tengwa i
Creature: Bw1iV Baverli i
Creature: 3REO8 Reetoa i
Creature: acHPG Pachig i
Creature: Q7l6T Quiet Thoughts ii
Creature: LCCw1 Lucas iii
Creature: w4xzz Wenzalla i
Creature: cotY9 Coyata i
Creature: okFoQ Fooka i
Creature: xYgGg Ghostly iii
Creature: 64Jkh Charcoril i
Creature: yPRoh Olaf i
Creature: I4X84 Cursed ii
Creature: mJiIv Mijila ii
Creature: AQbvc Aquinna iii
Creature: oEers Oeers i
Creature: N1GN4 Ninya i
Creature: jTJBA Tajba iii
Creature: Urr8E Urre ii
Creature: vAOop Vaoop i
Creature: PiExM Piexim i