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The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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Chaosdawn's Lab

  • Chaosdawn has 1000 creatures
  • Joined at 11:27 am, 04/06/2020
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Every scientist has their own lab where they can raise and study creatures, and this space is Chaosdawn's own private paradise. Take a moment to look around the room and get familiar with all the equipment found within this spacious, white-walled room. There are housing units against the far wall for the captured and bred creatures. The computer system is a state-of-the-art design, capable of handling all of the data gathered from scientific studies. An entire counter of various scientific instruments, from microscopes to centrifuges and more, guarantees the scientist can run any test they like on the genetic material they collect. The mission is to conduct experiments and breeding programs in the effort to evolve different species to their strongest possible forms.

Creature: A28i2 Spot Data ii
Creature: LCF1P Carbonaro Effect ii
Creature: 7tddu Mistaken Word iii
Creature: U9yb8 Tolbirron ii
Creature: iLlp8 Qassasoth iii
Creature: dX8Qj Zhennarie i
Creature: Hv4oy Havoy ii
Creature: 12d3N Ianenna ii
Creature: AiWlx Aiwalax ii
Creature: QAgTm Gildeyr ii
Creature: KhSJv Ruby Rhod ii
Creature: vbsiF Nicasio ii
Creature: YGSVY Sygvy ii
Creature: zgwac Ziwacya i
Creature: C1V15 Civis i
Creature: ssrrK Sserrik i
Creature: VceOy Viceroy i
Creature: 5O9qL Harrion i
Creature: 9aqln Eaquinna ii
Creature: y1sxo Yisxo i
Creature: sVuuL S'Vuul i
Creature: JMRtm Ealki i
Creature: CocaJ Cocaj i
Creature: NA3R5 Saildgha i
Creature: zAS35 Zassee i
Creature: 58TkO Eotko i
Creature: Sw3Vs Swevas i
Creature: xkfx2 Xiomara i
Creature: zpRfX Z'Rifex i
Creature: Cf7SQ Cifesera i
Creature: 1AYAY Kataskal iii
Creature: ptEtK Ptetkan iv
Creature: Y3Y2W Yeyawna i
Creature: bUhNC Buhnita i
Creature: jqgX8 Fisher i
Creature: i4Zkh Dominika iii
Creature: 6m1Sh Amish i
Creature: nTJ5H N'Tisha i
Creature: 2JuMZ Jumzya i
Creature: 8ihep Imothep iii
Creature: 1YUmq Patience v
Creature: fU95r Flora ii
Creature: jBRFJ Falco ii
Creature: EgbS7 Gebsi ii
Creature: RM1Y3 Remy i
Creature: frmfB Temperance iv
Creature: OntPq Pontiqua i
Creature: 6rp2o Repao iv
Creature: UUOS8 Ulysses i
Creature: M8kJx Markel ii